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Zoolander 2 Is A Go, And Heading To This Exotic Location
Zoolander 2 is a go. The film is set to start shooting in Rome with Ben Stiller as the title character.
Ben Stiller Gretchen Kelly 2015-02-10
Bet You Can Guess Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor
Adam Sandler didn't exactly have the greatest 2014. Blended performed nowhere near the level of the actor's past big releases, and both of his recent attempts at more serious fair - Men, Women & Children and The Cobbler - got largely negative responses following their premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Ben Stiller Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-23
Why Night At The Museum 3 Is Actually The Touching Sendoff Robin Williams Deserves
This is the last time that we will see the brilliant, gifted and hysterical comedian on screen. And the way that the fates converged, he is given an incredibly touching send off, a cinematic farewell that fans of all ages will appreciate this holiday season, and beyond.
Ben Stiller Sean O'Connell 2014-12-19
Zoolander 2 Is Happening With These Huge Stars, Get The Details
There are few things that Hollywood does better and more often than capitalizing on trends, and a brand new one has just entered the arena. Thanks to the success of Dumb and Dumber To at the box office this past weekend, there's a scent in the air that long-overdue comedy sequels are in, and now Paramount Pictures is looking to take advantage of it quickly by starting to move Zoolander 2 through development.
Ben Stiller Eric Eisenberg 2014-11-20
Watch Robin Williams Bust Out TR One Last Time In The Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb Trailer
The Night At The Museum franchise rides again for one last night! Catch more of the madness ahead with this latest trailer.
Ben Stiller Mike Reyes 2014-11-13
Will Ferrell Says They're Doing A Zoolander 2 Script Read-Through Soon
Will Ferrell has confirmed that a script read-through for Zoolander 2 will take place in the very near future, and that he will be reprising his role as the devilish villain, Mugatu in the sequel too. Justin Theroux and Ben Stiller are believed to have written the script for the follow-up, while the pair are expected to direct it too.
Ben Stiller Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-11
Ben Stiller Might Return To The Director's Chair For Zoolander 2
Zoolander 2 is the sequel that just won't die. Thirteen years after the first one took us to the School For Kids Who Can't Read Good, plans have stopped and started repeatedly for a follow-up to the Ben Stiller comedy epic. The latest news had Justin Theroux stepping in to direct, though with the actor busy with various other commitments these days, it looks like he might step aside. But this is not a roadblock: Zoolander 2 is still coming.
Ben Stiller Gabe Toro 2014-08-12
Ben Stiller Directly Addresses Zoolander 2
Ben Stiller was giving a Master Class at the Taormina Film Festival yesterday when he opened up the floor for questions. Of course, he was hit with some weird requests related to autographs, pictures and even a painting someone in the crowd did of him, but eventually, the crowd settled down and asked the question on all of our minds.
Ben Stiller Mack Rawden 2014-06-20
Ben Stiller In Talks To Star In Alan Ball's I Am Chippendales
While Alan Ball has been better known in recent years for his TV shows -- True Blood, Six Feet Under and Banshee -- the writer/producer is shifting back to feature work for I Am Chippendales, which may include Ben Stiller among its stars
Ben Stiller Kelly West 2014-04-01
Ben Stiller Talks Daydreams, The Beastie Boys And His Quest For Sean O'Connell
I was lucky enough to sit down with Stller in New York City to talk about Walter Mitty, and his approach to this material. Of course, we had to start with the fact that my name is Sean O’Connell… something that made Stiller belly laugh as our interview began.
Ben Stiller Sean O'Connell 2013-12-23
Ricky Gervais To Return For Night At The Museum 3
The second picture also featured Ricky Gervais in a small role, and fortunately for those continuity nuts, he's back playing Dr. McPhee, the boss to Stiller’s frazzled security guard character Larry Daley.
Ben Stiller Gabe Toro 2013-12-19
Ben Stiller Imagines Adventure In Extended Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Clip
We all daydream, but few on Earth daydream as big as the meek hero of Ben Stiller's latest The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Here Stiller not only stars as the titular daydreamer but also directs, crafting a whimsical adventure about a man whose real life has been lackluster, but who has a vibrant imagination that is always at play.
Ben Stiller Kristy Puchko 2013-11-21
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Second Trailer: Let The Great Adventure Begin
On Saturday The Secret Life of Walter Mitty screened as the centerpiece film at the New York Film Festival, and kicked off buzz that the film likely hopes to sustain all the way through to its Christmas release date-- and, almost more importantly, the Academy Awards. Word about Walter Mitty's actual awards chances has been mixed, but the film's rapturous reception from the festival's moviegoers suggest it could be a major holiday hit
Ben Stiller Katey Rich 2013-10-07
Ben Stiller Is Still Walking On Air In Newest Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Poster
I know this is a 20th Century Fox production, but that image immediately sends my brain to “Paramount.” There’s a feeling of déjà vu when looking at it, since the last poster was exactly the same, just switching out the mountain for the New York City skyline.
Ben Stiller Nick Venable 2013-08-31
Ben Stiller Is Walking On Air In The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Poster
In the upcoming remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Ben Stiller plays a character who often finds himself slipping into the world of his own imagination and seeing his own life as he has always wished it could be. Judging by this new poster for the film it would seem that part of his dream world involves him having the ability to walk on thin air.
Ben Stiller Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-29
Ben Stiller Could Replace Timur Bekmambetov To Direct Edison-Westinghouse Feud Drama
The feature will focus on the infamous feud between rival inventors Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse as each attempted to make his brand of electricity the one the public would embrace. Written by first-time scribe Michael Mitnick, The Current War first earned buzz in 2011, when it snagged a coveted spot on the Black List—a collection of the best unproduced scripts floating around Hollywood.
Ben Stiller Kristy Puchko 2013-07-31
Ben Stiller's Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Debuts Stunning First Trailer
The only dialogue comes in at the very end, in an odd scene that seems to only be included as a very blatant nod to The Matrix-- choosing the red car, or the red pill, and breaking out of the constraining life in that cubicle. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty doesn't seem to be the same kind of film as The Matrix in many ways, but it's a nice nod nonetheless...
Ben Stiller Katey Rich 2013-07-30
Robert Downey Jr. To Play Both Leads In Ben Stiller's Pinocchio?
According to the rumor, Downey Jr. will be playing "a younger Gepetto than you might expect" - one around the star's current age - and will either be using motion-capture to play the inventor's little wooden creation or simply provide a voice for "an actual physical form" - which was apparently in the original plans back when the project was in earlier stages of development.
Ben Stiller Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-15
Robert Downey Jr. Wants Ben Stiller To Direct His Pinocchio Movie
The universe has really been bending to Robert Downey Jr.'s will as of late. After making a ridiculous amount of money overseas, Iron Man 3 is set to debut in the United States this weekend where it's predicted to make a lot more, and now we're learning that the star has found his ideal director for his next project.
Ben Stiller Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-02
DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story Sequel Gets A Writer
While the film was ultimately overshadowed by Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which was released the same summer and almost instantly earned cult movie status, DodgeBall was actually a bigger winner at the box office, taking in nearly $115 million domestically on a $20 million budget.
Ben Stiller Eric Eisenberg 2013-04-22
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