Django Unchained Still Has 6 Days Left To Shoot, Can It Make Its Release Date?
I covered Django Unchained interviews with Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Walton Goggins and Christoph Waltz. The latter talked to us about the reports that Tarantino has changed his script during the filming process, leading to possible delays.
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-14
Godzilla Remake Officially Announced At Comic Con
today in Hall H, after the Pacific Rim presentation ended, a surprise trailer for Godzilla screened for the thrilled audience. They also announced that Gareth Edwards, who formerly made the indie Monsters, will be directing the Godzilla remake-- then Edwards himself took the stage in front of an ecstatic crowd
SDCC 2012 Katey Rich 2012-07-14
Pacific Rim Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
Guillermo Del Toro loves Comic Con. Every year that he has a film coming out the Hellboy director his way down to San Diego to visit his fans and give them a glimpse at his new project. Fortunately for us, 2012 is one of those years. For the last few months Del Toro has been hard at work putting together Pacific Rim his new sci-fi epic about giant robots fighting against giant monsters for the future of mankind.
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-14
Quentin Tarantino Brings 8 Minutes Of Django Unchained To Comic Con
A couple months ago, before any trailers or footage came online, Quentin Tarantino took a trip to the Cannes Film Festival to present the first look at his upcoming film Django Unchained. And now that footage has made its way to Comic Con.
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-14
Django Unchained Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
I have just arrived in the absolutely packed convention center and I am now just waiting for the panel to begin. We still don’t know who exactly will be on hand to answer questions and show off footage, but if you refresh this article and follow our live blog below I will guide you through every minute. And come back later to read full descriptions of all the Django Unchained footage we get to see!
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-14
After Earth Comic Con 2012 Panel Live Blog
Headed into theaters next summer (June 7, 2013) is M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth, a sci-fi film that'll have Will and Jaden Smith once again teamed up as father and son. The After Earth panel here at Comic Con in San Diego will not only focus on the upcoming movie, but also the comic book After Earth: Innocence, which will introduce Smiths' characters Kitai and Cypher Raige.
SDCC 2012 Kelly West 2012-07-14
New Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed At Comic Con
Did you really think Tony Stark wouldn't give himself an upgrade for his third movie? Iron Man 3 is in production now in North Carolina, but the folks at Marvel managed to lend out the latest Iron Man armor to make for an excellent Comic Con surprise. This morning the latest suit debuted on the convention floor
SDCC 2012 Katey Rich 2012-07-14
10 Things I Learned About Joss Whedon At Comic Con 2012
Here at Comic Con there are some people who are treated like gods. Joss Whedon is one of these people. Responsible for fan favorite television shows and movies like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, The Avengers, the filmmaker is absolutely beloved by geeks and there is no greater geek haven than San Diego in July.
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-14
Marvel's New Short Film Item 47 Revealed At Comic Con
It's not hard for Marvel to get their faithful fans to do pretty much anything-- the amount of people dressed as Captain America or Iron Man around the San Diego convention center pretty much constitute a small army-- but the fans really went above and beyond the last few days
SDCC 2012 Katey Rich 2012-07-13
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains How To Become Bruce Willis At Looper Comic Con Press Conference
Joseph Gordon-Levitt had one hell of a 2011, making movies with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises), Steven Spielberg (Lincoln), and then Rian Johnson, reuniting with his Brick director to star in the time-travel thriller Looper
SDCC 2012 Katey Rich 2012-07-13
Comic Con 2012 Costumes Day 2: Apocalypse To Wolverine!
Highlights from day 2: Female slasher villains, smoking Gambit, a Fandango bag that almost got trampled, Earthworm Jim, a dog dressed as a biker on a tiny remote control motorcycle, an awesome Wolverine, an Axe Cop family, Apocalypse meeting the Dark Phoenix, He-Man sword check, Sherlock (Cumberbatch style), Coors Light Gladiator, Deadpool and the Iron Spider, and a TON of DC heroes and villains.
SDCC 2012 Da7e 2012-07-13
Elysium Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
With all due respect to Total Recall and Looper, which each look fantastic, most of us packed into Hall H for Sony’s panel to get our first official look at Elysium, the anticipated sci-fi thriller from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. The director is bringing Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, producer Simon Kinberg and what we hope is some groundbreaking footage as the Hall H day comes to a close.
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-13
Looper Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
Sony’s Hall H panel shifts gears from the futuristic expanse of Len Wiseman’s Total Recall to the time travel thrills of Rian Johnson’s Looper, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis playing versions of the same person locked in a battle that could mean one of them has to die.
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-13
Total Recall Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
Up first, Len Wiseman's Total Recall, based on the Philip K. Dick’s story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.” They're ready to start. We expect to see Wiseman on stage with stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and Bryan Cranston. Here we go!
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-13
Resident Evil: Retribution Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
The Game of Thrones panel left Hall H in tatters. It’s up to Resident Evil: Retribution to sweep up the pieces and re-energize this San Diego Comic Con crowd with the promise of zombies, guns and Milla Jovovich in skin-tight leather.
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-13
Colin Farrell's Arnold Impression And Bryan Cranston's Pinkeye Dominate Total Recall Press Conference
Cranston and Farrell were the joke-slinging standouts at a press conference just before today's Comic Con panel for Total Recall, a new take on the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film with Farrell taking over the role of the man who learns his memory has been wiped and his entire life has been a lie
SDCC 2012 Katey Rich 2012-07-13
Hunger Games Special Features Clip Is On Fire
With Hunger Games set to release on August 18th, last night Lionsgate premiered a clip from the special features showing how director Gary Ross and company put together a scene where Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) hauls ass through a burning forest. Now you HG fans who couldn't make it so San Diego this year can watch it below. Props to Ross for not wussing out and using CGI fire.
SDCC 2012 David Wharton 2012-07-13
Paranorman Comic-Con 2012 Panel Live Blog
Focus Features has the 3D stop-motion comedy thriller ParaNorman set to arrive in theaters later this summer (August 17). We'll be live-blogging the panel here at Comic Con today, which is set to feature stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick,Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Travis Knight, Chris Butler, and Sam Fell as they discuss the making of the movie. New footage from the movie will be shown and EW's Dave Karger will be on hand to moderate the panel.
SDCC 2012 Kelly West 2012-07-13
Brand New Skyfall Trailer Premieres In IMAX At Comic Con
Earlier this evening I was invited by IMAX to attend a special event called IMAX Remix at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center where famed DJ Glen Morrison spun music while various pieces of footage from IMAX films were shown on the domed screen (including scenes from movies like Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Star Trek).
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-13
Frankenweenie Interviews From Comic Con
Today has been a great day for people looking forward to Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. In addition to hosting a huge panel in Hall H, the film also released a badass new trailer that's made to look like a preview for one of the classic Universal monster movies. And here's hoping you're not sick of hearing about the boy who resurrected his dog, because we have more coming your way!
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-12
Comic Con Bits: The Walking Dead, Django Unchained, Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles And More!
For people that haven't been to Comic Con but know it's the place where movie and TV news breaks, the Con probably feels like a hotel full of ballrooms with a bunch of sweaty nerds and journalists, fresh off a 5 hour line. And that Con certainly exists. BUT - Comic Con is primarily a place where products like films, television shows and comic books can directly interact with their audience...
SDCC 2012 Da7e 2012-07-12
Sam Raimi, Mila Kunis And Michelle Williams Talk Oz The Great And Powerful At Comic Con
It's still going to be a while before we actually get to see Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful, but today delivered one hell of a preview. Sam Raimi, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis were all on hand at San Diego Comic Con where they revealed the film's first trailer, but that's not all they did.
SDCC 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-12
Wreck-It Ralph Reveals The Characters They Couldn't Get At Comic Con Panel
It took about half a second for Wreck-It Ralph win over the audience, and by the time the orange ghost from Pac-Man and Pong made a cameo, you could feel an entire audience marking off their calendars for the movie's release
SDCC 2012 Katey Rich 2012-07-12
Genndy Tartakovsky On Samurai Jack Movie: It's Getting Closer
The way Genndy Tartakovsky tells it, he had three real opportunities to make a feature-length Samurai Jack movie. Once, even J.J. Abrams was behind it, and the animation director really believed that it was going to happen. Obviously, it hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean Tartakovsky’s giving up hope. In fact, while selling his latest -- Hotel Transylvania -- to the Comic Con crowd on Thursday, he said, “It feels like it’s getting closer.”
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-12
Hotel Transylvania Impresses Comic Con With Energetic, Never-Before-Seen Footage
The mountain-lion-hunting Twilight vampires weren’t the only bloodsuckers making a big splash at Comic Con on Thursday. While Bella and Edward entertained a packed panel in the convention center’s Hall H, Count Dracula held court in the Indigo Ballroom as Sony Picture’s Animation teased footage from its upcoming Hotel Transylvania to a packed house.
SDCC 2012 Sean O'Connell 2012-07-12
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