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Footloose Remake Gets Hustle And Flow
You probably donít know who Craig Brewer is. If you did, then odds are he wouldnít be stuck directing Footloose, heíd be making more incredible, original movies like Black Snake Moan or Hustle & Flow. But you didnít show up to see those
kevin bacon Josh Tyler 2010-04-13
Kevin Bacon Will Make Elephants The New Vampires
Pinkaew will be working with Djimon Hounsou and Kevin Bacon to bring Kevin Bernhardtís screenplay to life. Hounsou plays a mercenary and Bacon an old friend with questionable motives. Filming kicks off in Thailand on March 8th.
kevin bacon Perri Nemiroff 2010-02-17
Kevin Bacon Is James Gunn's Villainous Drug Dealer In Super
What happened to Kevin Bacon? Back in the '90s he was a huge star, doing movies like Tremors, A Few Good Men and Apollo 13, but sometime in the past decade he kind of fell off the map, only showing up for roles in major films every few years
kevin bacon Eric Eisenberg 2009-12-18
Footloose Is Dancing With The Stars
It was less than a month go that we first heard Dancing with the Stars regular Julianne Hough was trying out for a role in Footloose. She got it. Hough, a dancer who moonlights as a country music singer
kevin bacon Josh Tyler 2009-06-21
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