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Celebrate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Defeat Of Megan Fox With Underwear
Before being cast as Megan Fox’s replacement in Transformers 3 last week, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had done, well, nothing. Nothing that is except walk around wearing angel wings
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-06-01
Watch Heidi Montag's Transformers 3 Audition Tape
Heidi Montag is mostly known for being a brain dead socialite, so no one really took it seriously when earlier this week word leaked that she was lobbying to take over for Megan Fox
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-26
Megan Fox Off Transformers 3 Because She's Too Skinny?
No one knows for sure, but most seem to have assumed that Megan Fox is off Transformers 3 for calling Michael Bay a Nazi and generally turning her nose up at the whole
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-26
Former Fitness Instructor Confirmed As Megan Fox's Transformers 3 Replacement
As rumored previously, British Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been hired to replaced Megan Fox in Transformers 3.
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-26
Two Models And One Actress Are Finalists For Transformers 3 Love Interest
Bay, as many suspected, is looking to launch a "fresh face," which is also code for "tracking down the hottest woman possible regardless of acting talent." It's interesting, then, that he's looking at Decker
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-05-25
British Victoria's Secret Model Replacing Megan Fox In Transformers 3?
This information comes from nothing but an anonymous source at Geek Week, so as always, be skeptical. But the casting makes sense-- she's hot, she's shown screen ambition by showing up on an episode of Britain's Next Top Model, and she's apparently Jason Statham's girlfriend
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-05-22
Gemma Arterton Probably Not Replacing Megan Fox In Transformers 3
When it became clear earlier this week that Megan Fox really wouldn't be coming back for Transformers 3, we knew it would only be a matter of time before some other hot young thing popped up to replace her
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-05-21
Reps Claim Megan Fox Walked Away From Transformers 3, No Firing Involved
Today though, Megan Fox's handlers tell People Magazine that the 24-year-old actress walked away from the film of her own accord and wishes the franchise the best.
transformers 3 Will LeBlanc 2010-05-20
Gemma Arterton Could Be Megan Fox's Transformers 3 Replacement
I’m not sure who decided Gemma Arterton was the next, big, hot Hollywood commodity, but after watching her mostly suck in Clash of the Titans and having my television invaded
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-19
Michael Bay Kicks Megan Fox Out Of Transformers 3
There's no evidence that Fox was dropped because she badmouthed her boss, but Deadline says that Bay had the final decision on whether or not Fox came back, and the guy's never really
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-05-19
Even Shia LaBeouf Didn't Like Transformers 2
It’s no secret that a lot of people were pretty unhappy with Transformers 2. Still, the movie has its defenders. Unfortunately, the film’s star isn’t one of them
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-13
Finally A Reason To Get Excited About Transformers 3: Alan Tudyk Cast
Tudyk is best known for not really being known nearly as well as he should be. He’s an amazing character actor who knocks pretty much every role he’s given, no matter how badly written
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-13
Skids And Mudflap, The Racist Autobots, Won't Be In Transformers 3
There were somehow enough people in the world who liked Transformers 2 that the movie became a gigantic hit, but I'm pretty sure there was one thing the fans and the haters could all agree on: Skids and Mudflap
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-05-11
Patrick Dempsey Confirmed For A Significant Role In Transformers 3
His role is “significant to the plot”. Except it doesn’t sound particularly significant. He’ll play Megan Fox’s boss. When last we saw Mikaela Banes she was working as a grease monkey in a motorcycle shop
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-05
Transformers 3 May Cast Jamie Kennedy And Patrick Dempsey
Whatever they do with the next Transformers, you have to think that we’re past the whole “boy growing up with his car” plot which drove the first two movies. We can only watch Shia LaBeouf
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-05-03
The Witwickys Are Back In Transformers 3
I know a lot of you loved Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but can we all at least come together and agree on this one simple fact: Sam Witwicky’s parents are horrible. They were tolerable in the first movie
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-04-07
Dr. Ken Joins Transformers 3 Along With Malkovich And McDormand
Transformers 3 has added a couple new faces, and they aren’t robots. According to director Michael Bay, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, and the Ken Jeong (the answer to what’s in the trunk in The Hangover) have been added to the cast.
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-03-22
ShoWest: Transformers 3 Script Finished, Shooting This Summer
We caught up with Transformers star Josh Duhamel at ShoWest today, and he offered an update on the status of Transformers 3. In case you’re were wondering, it sounds like he’ll be in it
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-03-18
Transformers 3 Will Destroy Chicago And Moscow
You know what’s really surprising about Transformers, and I suppose in spite of the franchise’s many other flaws, rather admirable? That they actually bother to leave the studio. Michael Bay spends a lot of time
transformers 3 Josh Tyler 2010-02-26
Michael Bay Pressured Into Using 3D After All?
Way back in April, Michael Bay was asked outright if he would ever consider putting his Transformers movies in 3D, and responded "I think it might be a gimmick." Of course that was before Avatar
transformers 3 Katey Rich 2010-02-03
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