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The Stars Of Ted Talk R-Ratings, Boundaries, And Teddy Bear Fights
As you may have already heard, Ted is one seriously funny movie. Due out this weekend, the film is completely irreverent and filled with belly laughs, but it also features a great amount of heart and does a surprisingly good job avoiding many of the problems that plague other raunchy comedies. It’s an interesting mix to say the least, and it was just as interesting to hear what the director and actors had to say about the making of it.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2012-06-27
Edward James Olmos In Talks To Play A Villain In Two Guns
Prior to the seventh season of Dexter, I'm not sure that I could have picture Edward James Olmos in a villainous context. Between numerous notable film appearances, including a starring role in Stand and Deliver, and of course, his fantastic performance as Admiral William Adam on Syfy's Battlestar Galactica reboot, it was too easy to picture him as the reliable, responsible, dependable type.
mark wahlberg Kelly West 2012-06-21
Mark Wahlberg To Produce And Possibly Star In Avon Man
Back in August of 2010, Hugh Jackman was forced to drop out of the comedy Avon Man because of his commitments to The Wolverine, the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As you may have noticed, however, The Wolverine still hasn't been made and Avon Man is still in development.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-19
Mark Wahlberg And Will Ferrell Football Comedy Finds A Writing Team And Director
3 Mississippi follows two families who are feuding over their annual Thanksgiving touch football game, which has apparently been a tradition for 50 years. Ferrell and Wahlberg will play the heads of the opposing families. Warner Bros. is hoping to begin production on the film in September, and with Anders and Morris on board, that may be a possibility.
mark wahlberg Kelly West 2012-04-12
Mark Wahlberg In Talks To Star In John Grisham Adaptation The Partner
The actor is now in talks to star in The Partner, a legal thriller based on Grisham's 2005 novel. The story follows Patrick Lanigan, a young partner in a law firm who devises a way to cheat his company: he fakes his death, steals a fortune, and moves to Brazil. But while Mark Wahlberg is in the midst of making a deal, the project has some major gaps to fill.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-10
Michael Bay Hires Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg To Punch Up Pain & Gain
Rosenberg will polish Bay’s shooting script, which follows two Miami bodybuilders who dabbled in kidnapping and extortion but saw their criminal “empire” come to a convoluted close when things go awry. Comparisons have been made between this based-on-true-events story and the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, which sounds fantastic … if Bay can pull it off.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2012-03-06
Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch And Ben Foster Could Star In Peter Berg's Lone Survivor
The movie is based on the book by Marcus Luttrell about a group of four Navy SEALs who were captured by the Taliban while on a mission to kill a terrorist leader in 2005. As you can probably guess by now, Wahlberg, Kitsch and Foster, should they sign on, will play three of the four members of the team with Wahlberg taking the role of Luttrell.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2012-02-28
Mark Wahlberg Interested In English-Language Remake Of Headhunters
If Wahlberg’s able to get his version of Headhunters off the ground, he’d likely play a corporate recruiter (or “headhunter”) who routinely steals valuable works of art to fund his extravagant personal lifestyle. In time, he boosts precious art from the wrong people, and ends up paying the price.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2012-02-28
Anthony Mackie May Play The Third Meathead In Michael Bay's Pain And Gain
Mackie has proven himself capable of jumping into just about anything and making it better, from excellent second-banana work in The Hurt Locker to a slyly funny and soulful role in The Adjustment Bureau to, hey why not, Real Steel. It'll be interesting to see how he meshes his own charisma with The Rock and Wahlberg
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2012-02-23
Mark Wahlberg Claims Jennifer Lopez Is Hungry For Key Role In Cocaine Cowboys
Now, before you start laughing, remember that Lopez legitimized herself with tough performances in Selena, Out of Sight, and Oliver Stone’s U-Turn. But yes, she since has gone on to accept safe, forgettable roles in films like Maid in Manhattan, Gigli and Jersey Girl in recent years.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2012-01-11
Mark Wahlberg Will Make The Fighter Sequel Without David O. Russell
The Fighter was a solid movie, and Ward is a great character for Wahlberg to play. He was overshadowed by Christian Bale as drug-addled brother Dicky Ward, so I wonder if a Fighter sequel (or whatever Wahlberg calls it) would need Bale before it needed Russell? Either way, it sounds like Wahlberg wants to get back in the ring to tell that story, and it likely will happen sooner rather than later.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2012-01-09
Mark Wahlberg Discusses Why His Planet Of The Apes Movie Didn't Work
Back in 2001, Tim Burton spun a straight-up remake of the original Planet of the Apes, starring Mark Wahlberg in the astronaut role made famous by Charlton “Damn Dirty Apes” Heston. It was, as you may recall, not very good. It didn’t really improve on the original, and in its attempts to put a new spin on the movie’s infamous twist ending, it instead wound up being merely nonsensical.
mark wahlberg David Wharton 2011-12-31
UPDATE: Michael Bay Wants Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson For His Bodybuilding Comedy
Both actors have had discussions with Bay, though Johnson’s closer to signing than Wahlberg. The story would be adapted from an article that ran in Miami New Times back in 1999. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who co-wrote Captain America together, wrote the original script and admit it mirrors Fargo, but both actors have a slew of potential projects on their plate...
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2011-12-05
Barry Pepper Bags Supporting Roles In Two High-Profile Thrillers
Pepper’s been on a bit of a role. He recently took home an Emmy for playing Bobby Kennedy in the otherwise-controversial The Kennedys on Starz. He also wrapped a part in Terrence Malick’s latest, mysterious project, where he’ll act opposite Javier Bardem. But he’s such a reliable character actor that adding him to virtually any ensemble immediately improves the gathered cast
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2011-11-14
Mark Wahlberg's Noir Broken City Adds Two Female Leads
Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones are on board for Broken City, with the former playing the government official who hires Wahlberg’s character. Now Variety reports that Alona Tal and Natalie Martinez have signed on to play two female leads in the thriller that will be directed by Allen Hughes (From Hell). Tal has been tapped to play Wahlberg's assistant in the film, while Martinez in on board as the Departed star’s girlfriend. Lucky her.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2011-11-04
Catherine Zeta-Jones Signed On For Broken City
Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn’t been around much over the last few years, but it looks as though she has a flurry of projects in the works, one of which puts her opposite Russell Crowe. The No Reservations actress has been signed on to star in the Allen Hughes directed Broken City.
mark wahlberg Kelly West 2011-10-20
Mark Wahlberg Glares, Smuggles Cash And Guns In New Contraband Poster
Yep. Looks like Wahlberg’s ready to go to great lengths to protect his family from some pretty nasty thugs. I don’t know enough about Contraband director Baltasar Kormákur, an Icelandic filmmaker whose credits include Jar City and Inhale. So we have to lean on the cast, which is pretty impressive
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2011-10-19
Mark Wahlberg Wants To Replace David O. Russell On 2 Guns With His Contraband Director
You may not be surprised to learn that the movie won't be all that different from Contraband-- the plot reported by Variety involves "a DEA agent and an undercover naval intelligence officer who unwittingly investigate each other as each steals mob money." As a matter of fact, it sounds a lot more like The Departed and the film it was based on, Infernal Affairs
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2011-10-03
Contraband Trailer: Just When Mark Wahlberg Thought He Was Out...
The trailer for the new Mark Wahlberg thriller Contraband opens with this bit of dialogue: "You were the best of the best. But the proudest day of my life was when you turned legit. You started a family and you got outta the life." When a trailer opens with that kind of bald-faced exposition, in which a father speaks the facts of a son's life who knows these things perfectly well, you know you're headed somewhere very, very familiar
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2011-09-29
Bradley Cooper No Longer Attached To The Crow Remake; Wahlberg And Tatum Considered As Replacements
I must say that I do find it funny that Bradley Cooper would decide that he would rather work with Alex Proyas than star in a remake of one of Proyas' best movies. Unfortunately I still think they're looking in the wrong direction if they think that Wahlberg or Tatum would make proper replacements.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-15
Mark Wahlberg Up For 2 Guns, Which Could Be His David O. Russell Reunion
Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell, the actor and director team who can't quit cooking up new projects for themselves, have set their sights on yet another idea. According to Deadline Wahlberg is in negotiations to star in the graphic novel adaptation 2 Guns, and while Russell's involvement isn't confirmed
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2011-08-11
Russell Crowe Will Be Mayor Of Broken City
Broken City stars Crowe as the town mayor who hires an ex-cop private investigator (Wahlberg) to spy on his wife, whom the mayor suspects is cheating on him. It turns out that she is, and mere days after Crowe finds out, his wife’s lover turns up dead. At this point Wahlberg begins his personal investigation into Crowe’s life, uncovering shady real estate deals and most likely proof that he murdered a man to stop his wife from cheating on him.
mark wahlberg Will LeBlanc 2011-08-08
Silver Linings Playbook May Have Lost Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper Replacing Him?
Back in December, a report came out saying that Bradley Cooper was in talks to star in The Silver Linings Playbook, a film that director David O. Russell had expressed interest in. At the time, however, Russell was also attached to direct the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and it seemed as though the videogame adaptation was his first priority.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-01
Promises Of An Entourage Movie Heat Up As The Final Season Begins
Their enthusiasm shouldn't be mistaken for actual plans-- this is the strong face they present to critics as they promote the final season of their show, and it may not bear any resemblance to financial or creative reality. If an Entourage movie is going to happen, it ought to happen now
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2011-07-29
Jennifer Lawrence For David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook
If she joins the production, Lawrence would play Tiffany, the next-door neighbor of Wahlberg’s character, Pat Peoples, a one-time teacher recently released from a mental institute where he was treated for depression. Now home and ready to assimilate back into society, Pat tries to reconnect with his estranged wife, Nikki, even though he has been locked away much longer than he realizes.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2011-07-25
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