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Is Mark Wahlberg Going To Be The New Six Million Dollar Man?
Mark Wahlberg is riding high on box office success right now. Released just in the waning days of last month, Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction - in which Wahlberg stars as hero Cade Yeager - has already banked $174 million domestically and $575 million globally. While a lot of credit goes to the power of the Transformers brand and even Michael Bay's name, executives are still looking at Wahlberg now like he's a big 'ol bag of cash.
mark wahlberg Eric Eisenberg 2014-07-06
Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Looking To Reteam For Daddy's Home
Mark Wahlberg has entered into negotiations with Paramount Pictures to co-star in Daddy's Home, a laffer the studio is hot to shoot soon. If the deal is closed, Wahlberg would be reuniting with Will Ferrell, with whom he starred in the hit 2010 action-comedy The Other Guys.
mark wahlberg Kristy Puchko 2014-06-05
Mark Wahlberg Swears There's More To Transformers: Age Of Extinction Than Money Shots
In the past decade or so, the subject of trailers spoiling movies has become a huge talking point when it comes to the marketing of a major motion picture. Fans have complained that too much is being shown in trailers today, and now Mark Wahlberg is stepping to agree with their pleas for better marketing.
mark wahlberg Mike Reyes 2014-05-28
Mark Wahlberg Drops F-Bombs And Thanks For MTV Movie Awards Generation Award
"I know what this really means…this is the 'Too F--king Old to Come Back' award." This was the less-than-gracious but nonetheless awesome way that Mark Wahlberg began his acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards last night. You can watch his full speech above, where he laments his age, shushes his Entourage crew, and takes a moment to remember God among lots of cursing.
mark wahlberg Kristy Puchko 2014-04-14
Mark Wahlberg To Receive Generation Award At MTV Movie Awards
MTV seems to realize this, as they’ve selected Marky Mark to be this year’s recipient of the prestigious Generation Award at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Wahlberg is a special recipient of this award, given that he’s the rare moviestar to also have been a fixture on MTV back when the ‘M’ stood for music and not “My God This Programming Is Killing My Damned Brain.”
mark wahlberg Gabe Toro 2014-03-10
Jessica Lange Joins Mark Wahlberg In Remake Of The Gambler
We can expect this remake to be pretty big, as Lange joins box office champion Mark Whalberg as his mother. It will be directed by Rupert Wyatt, who rocked the box office himself with another sorta-remake, 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
mark wahlberg Nick Venable 2013-12-20
Lone Survivor Trailer: Bullets And Brotherhood With The SEAL Team 10
As you can tell from the pull-quotes featured in this trailer, from the likes of Bill Simmons and Peter Travers, The Lone Survivor isn't your average war movie, and may serve as a kind of redemption for both its director and one of its stars. No, I don't mean Mark Wahlberg-- he made a masterpiece this year already, remember?-- but Taylor Kitsch, who with director Peter Berg brought upon the world last year's Battleship.
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2013-11-08
Jeremy Piven's Fat Paycheck Is Holding Up the Entourage Movie
The mystery of who is holding up the Entourage movie continues to unravel with news that Jeremy Piven's fat deal with the film's producers has caused envy amongst his would-be costars.
mark wahlberg Kristy Puchko 2013-10-23
Adrian Grenier Responds To Mark Wahlberg's Claims About Greed Halting Entourage Movie
Just last week, Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg was accosted at LAX airport by paparazzi. Asked about when the long in-the-works project might finally roll into production, Wahlberg said, “As soon as them guys stop being so greedy.”
mark wahlberg Kristy Puchko 2013-10-21
Mark Wahlberg Says 'Greedy' People Are Holding Up The Entourage Movie
Wahlberg wasn’t specific by who he means with “them guys,” so TMZ speculates that he’s referring to members of the cast. Are certain actors asking for too much money to be part of a big-screen Entourage movie? Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connolly aren’t exactly lighting the industry on fire.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2013-10-16
Mark Wahlberg May Be A Convincing College Professor In Rupert Wyatt's The Gambler Remake
With the rumors about him directing Star Trek 3 so strong that even J.J. Abrams has been forced to address them, Rise of the Planet of the Apes helmer Rupert Wyatt may be lining up a very different, much more earthbound project. According to The Wrap he's in negotiations to direct The Gambler, a Paramount remake of the 1974 drama, with Mark Wahlberg also in line to take on the role that was originally played by James Caan
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2013-09-11
Giveaway: Win A Signed Copy Of Pain & Gain And More
Paramount Home Media Distribution is bringing the movie on to Blu-ray and DVD on August 27, and to celebrate the release, we are giving away one awesome grand prize related to the film that includes a Blu-ray copy of Pain & Gain signed by Mark Wahlberg and a few other goodies.
mark wahlberg Jessica Rawden 2013-08-23
Michael Bay Conquers An Alien Pyramid In Transformers 4 Set Photo
What the hell is that thing on which Bay and his cast are posing? It looks alien in nature. At the same time, it could be a spike on the shoulder or back of a massive Transformer. We have no idea, and likely won't know until we see a trailer for the sequel.
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2013-08-23
Seth McFarlane Reveals A Release Date For Ted 2
It’ll be rather exciting to see if Ted 2 can possibly top the first film’s box office numbers, since it absolutely blew up both domestically and internationally, raking in over $571 million worldwide by the end of its theatrical run. Those kinds of number are usually earned by sequels and comic book adaptations, not R-rated comedies.
mark wahlberg Nick Venable 2013-08-16
Mark Wahlberg Defends Johnny Depp, Says Blockbusters Are Over-Scrutinized
"First and foremost, the media is targeting all these movies. There’s intense scrutiny on us, way more than before,” the actor said, eventually shifting some of the blame on the marketing efforts of major studios. “They are spending so much money to pull the wool over the audience’s eyes with these effects-driven movies.'
mark wahlberg Sean O'Connell 2013-08-07
2 Guns Overtakes The Wolverine For #1 At Friday Box Office
2 Guns, a movie that seems completely indistinguishable from a million other mismatched buddy cop movies, has at least convinced a solid number of moviegoers that it's something worth seeing. According to early numbers at Deadline the Mark Wahlberg-Denzel Washington vehicle brought in $9.8 million on Friday, good enough for first place at that day's box office and for the weekend in general, which should have it bringing in around $27 million
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2013-08-03
Mark Wahlberg's Navy SEAL Drama Lone Survivor Gets New Poster And Action-Packed Trailer
A bearded and chubby Mark Wahlberg stars as the soldier/author Luttrell, and he’s joined by an all-star squad that also includes Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Alexander Ludwig and Eric Bana. While their mission appears to be fairly cut and dry, it’s soon discovered their target is among a population much larger than the military originally assumed.
mark wahlberg Nick Venable 2013-07-31
2 Guns Red-Band Trailer: Wait, This Movie Is Actually Funny?
Last night Mark Wahlberg showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and surprised the hell out of me by talking up the comedy of 2 Guns. Wahlberg had the biggest hit of his career last summer with Ted, and he was showing up on a comedian-friendly late night show, so the topic made sense, but nothing I had seen from 2 Guns suggested the slightest possibility of being funny. Now here comes this red-band trailer, via IGN, which actually backs Wahlberg up
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2013-07-30
Robert Downey Jr. Is Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actor, But Channing Tatum Is Catching Up
Probably not much of a surprise for anyone who caught wind of his incredible Avengers paycheck-- Robert Downey Jr. is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood according to Forbes, having made $75 million between June of last year and this year
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2013-07-17
Peter Berg Keeps Recovering Perfectly From Battleship, Takes On American Desperado
For years Peter Berg had a fairly strong reputation as a director who took on tough-guy projects in style. He directed the Friday Night Lights movie and eventually directed the TV show, revealing the soul behind all those musclebound high school linebackers. He directed the 2003 crime caper The Rundown, which revealed the greatness of The Rock as a movie star long before most of us noticed
mark wahlberg Katey Rich 2013-06-28
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