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Why Back To The Future Will Never Be Remade
There is little doubt that Back to the Future has been sized up for the reboot treatment. However, when it comes to a potential remake, director, Robert Zemeckis is essentially telling Hollywood, “Get your damn hands off her!”
robert%20rodriguez Joseph Baxter 2015-06-30
Watch Wolverine, Star-Lord And Others Give The Finger In Rude, Hilarious Video
Flipping the bird has a long, illustrious history in movies, and this new supercut collects some of the most memorable, inappropriate, and hilarious instances.
robert%20rodriguez Brent McKnight 2015-06-30
When We May See Ant-Man 2, According To Kevin Feige
Marvel has way too many sub-franchises in their cinematic universe. They already had to make room in their overly populated slate for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and a brand-new Spider-Man movie, but what about Ant-Man 2?
robert%20rodriguez Nick Romano 2015-06-30
Julia Roberts Goes To Dark, Disturbing Places In First Secret In Their Eyes Trailer
The first Secret In Their Eyes trailer has dropped online, and you can see the anguish, turmoil and soul-crushing emotion Julia Roberts had to pull from within herself in order to tackle this role. According to writer-director Billy Ray, she did it was gusto.
robert%20rodriguez Nick Romano 2015-06-30
The New Ghostbusters Will Bust Ghosts With These Weapons
Ghostbusters is aiming for a July 22, 2016 release date. Keep following us (and Feig) for constant updates on the reboot. And ladies? Remember not to cross those streams.
robert%20rodriguez Sean O'Connell 2015-06-30
Watch Ant-Man Shrink For The First Time In Extended Marvel Movie Clip
We've seen the trailers. We've seen the posters. Now it's time for the onslaught of Ant-Man clips to begin, and the first is a juicy morsel. Discovering one's superpowers is not always the most seamless process, but Scott Lang's introduction is a trial by water.
robert%20rodriguez Nick Romano 2015-06-30
The Angry Way Jason Clarke Reacted To Terminator Genisys' Big Twist
Think you were surprised by the Terminator: Genisys spoiler heard round the world? Wait until you see how Jason Clarke reacted, after the jump.
robert%20rodriguez Mike Reyes 2015-06-30
Why Jeremy Renner Has Serious Issues With Mission: Impossible
Avengers star Jeremy Renner may not care about those rumors about him being gay floating around, but he does take issue with the new Mission: Impossible movie. In a new interview, the actor looks back at his time making this film and reveals that he was kept in the dark for most of production.
robert%20rodriguez Nick Romano 2015-06-30
The X-Men: Rogue Cut Just Dropped A Sweet Deleted Scene
Did you know that the scene with Michael Fassbender's Magneto retrieving his helmet was supposed to be intercut with a completely different scene?
robert%20rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-29
Check Out Star Trek 3's New Starfleet Logo
After a good long wait, Justin Lin’s Star Trek 3 has finally arrived at the production stage, and the director of the project has celebrated the first day of shooting by debuting our first look at the Starfleet logo on set. You can take in the sleeve art in all of its glory inside
robert%20rodriguez Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-29
Will Smith And Tom Hanks Want To Make A Crime Thriller, Get The Details
The upcoming true-life thriller Triple Frontier has been in the works for a long while now, first starting up in 2009 with Kathryn Bigelow attached to direct and Mark Boal penning the screenplay, but after years of being stuck in development hell, it now seems as though the movie might actually make it to the big screen after all.
robert%20rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-29
Why Black Panther Is Pivotal To Captain America: Civil War
He will be an inexperienced hero, though one who is responding to actions that occurred in Avengers: Age of Ultron. As you may recall, during the scenes with Andy Serkis, Ultron acquires a large shipment of vibranium – the chief export of the fictional kingdom of Wakanda. This land is highly evolved, but has remained in seclusion from the outside world.
robert%20rodriguez Sean O'Connell 2015-06-29
Hollywood Is Pouncing On That Horrifying Story Of The Watcher, Of Course
Hollywood has immediately seen the cinematic potential in this truly terrifying tale.
robert%20rodriguez Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-29
What Power Rangers Will Actually Be About
Want to know what Power Rangers is going to be all about? Well a detailed new plot description has hit the web and you can get all the specifics here.
robert%20rodriguez Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-29
Justice League Dark Has Suffered A Huge Blow
Despite being announced over over two years ago, progress has been slow on Justice League Dark. Now the film has suffered a major setback, as it has lost its director.
robert%20rodriguez Adam Holmes 2015-06-29
See The New Ghostbusters Costumes From The All-Female Reboot
While most of what we know about the new female-centric Ghostbusters reboot is based on rumor and hearsay, director Paul Feig just Tweeted out something fun for fans from the set.
robert%20rodriguez Brent McKnight 2015-06-29
Why Terminator: Genisys Decided To Use Spoilers In The Marketing
If you've been wondering why the marketing build up to Terminator Genisys has been full of what appear to be massive spoilers, director Alan Taylor says there's a reason for that.
robert%20rodriguez Brent McKnight 2015-06-29
Which Future Marvel Movie Could Be Set In The Past?
Ever since Iron Man came out in 2008, most of Marvel’s movies have followed each other chronologically, but according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, that may be subject to change at some point.
robert%20rodriguez Adam Holmes 2015-06-29
10 Movies You Would Never Believe Led The Box Office At Least 3 Consecutive Weeks
Topping the box office is hard enough in and of itself, but three times? It's a rare enough feat that we're still scratching our heads over how these 10 did it as long as they did!
robert%20rodriguez Mike Reyes 2015-06-29
Pixar Has A New Foodie Easter Egg That Appears In Multiple Films
Despite Pixar’s rather unconventional approach to its new feature, Inside Out, there are a number of things that cement its place in the studio’s colorful continuity. Notable among those features: Chinese takeout containers.
robert%20rodriguez Joseph Baxter 2015-06-29
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