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Weekend Box Office: Catching Fire and Frozen Enjoy A Holiday Box Office Feast
The Thanksgiving weekend was big news for a handful of major players while the rest of the field had very little to be thankful for. It was a tale of file and ice as last weekend's number one The Hunger Games: Catching Fire went up against the highly anticipated Disney animated feature Frozen.
homefront Scott Gwin 2013-12-01
This Rotten Week: Predicting Homefront And Black Nativity Reviews
As we head into Thanksgiving and prepare our mind and body to consume a metric ton of free range turkey and organic mashed potatoes, letís stop and reflect on the movie world for just a moment. For we canít fill our stomachs if we donít fill our cinematically-driven minds first.
homefront Doug Norrie 2013-11-24
Homefront's Hectic Red Band Trailer Will Blow Your Kneecaps Away
As a former DEA agent, Stathamís Phil Broker movies into Bodineís small town, where both he and his daughter, played by Isabela Vidovic, become immediate targets to the townís seedy underbelly. And itís up to Broker to shove peopleís heads through windows and blow peopleís kneecaps out.
homefront Nick Venable 2013-10-18
Jason Statham Kicks James Franco's Meth-Dealing Ass In Homefront Trailer
Yes, plenty of what's on display in the Homefront trailer looks ridiculous, from the little girl using MMA fighting skills on the playground to Kate Bosworth's Southern drawl seemingly leftover from the Straw Dogs remake. And watching British Jason Statham arrive in rural America only to beat up its residents reeks of all kinds of cross-country snobbery. But Jason Statham is our British thug, and we love him, and we will let him beat up our hicks if we damn well want to.
homefront Katey Rich 2013-09-12
Danny Trejo's Machete Kills And Jason Statham's Homefront Get Pushed Back
Based on a screenplay by Kyle Ward and based on a story written by Robert Rodriguez and Marcel Rodriguez, Machete Kills sees Danny Trejo return as the titular ex-Federale to stop a weapons dealer - played by Mel Gibson - from sending a missile into space. Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba will be reprising their roles from the last movie...
homefront Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-20
Twilight's Rachelle Lefevre Joins White House Down And Homefront
Since playing the role of the villainous vampire Victoria in the first two Twilight films, Rachelle Lefevre has appeared in a number of feature films in addition to a couple of short-lived TV dramas. It looks as though she has her sights set on the big screen once again as she's been cast in two projects, one of which will have her playing Channing Tatum's ex-wife.
homefront Kelly West 2012-09-24
Frank Grillo Joins Jason Statham And James Franco In Homefront
Frank Grillo's latest movie, End of Watch, will be in theaters this weekend, and as though he's celebrating the actor has landed a brand new part in an upcoming film. He is now in final negotiations to join the cast of Homefront, a new thriller being developed by Millennium Entertainment that already has Jason Statham and James Franco set to star. Gary Fleder, who previously directed movies like Runaway Jury and The Express, is helming the drama.
homefront Eric Eisenberg 2012-09-20
Winona Ryder Reunites With James Franco For Action Thriller
Every week we seem to be writing about a new James Franco project, and saying "Yes, I know he's surprising, but this time he's really blown our minds." And then the next week he does it again, picking a project-- either to direct, star in, or otherwise help create-- that makes no damn sense whatsoever
homefront Katey Rich 2012-08-23
James Franco Playing A Meth Dealer In New Jason Statham Movie
I know we've said over and over again that it's not really possible for James Franco to surprise us anymore-- after all, he's the guy who sleep-walked his way through hosting the Oscars the year he was nominated-- but seriously, he's managed to pull yet another wild left turn
homefront Katey Rich 2012-07-31
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