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Dirty Dancing Reboot Postponed Until At Least 2014
When it comes to remakes, reboots and sequels, I have a tendency to veer toward an optimistic approach. I figure if some studio's looking to revisit a popular film from yesteryear in some way, I may as well try to find the bright side to the situation. In the case of Lionsgate's plans to reboot Dirty Dancing, the bright side currently comes in the form of screenwriter Brad Falchuk and director Kenny Ortega.
kenny ortega Kelly West 2012-06-08
Dirty Dancing Remake To Be Written By Glee's Brad Falchuk
Lionsgate is certainly aiming for the right kind of talent with this project. Tapping the original film’s choreographer, Kenny Ortega to helm the film does instill confidence that a person with directing experience and a proven passion for dance will be at the wheel. The project’s recently acquired writer also happens to know a little something about musicals, which may also prove beneficial here.
kenny ortega Kelly West 2012-04-09
Dirty Dancing Remake Gets A Screenwriter
Maria Maggenti, whose previous work includes four episodes of Without A Trace and the recently released Monte Carlo, has been hired by Lionsgate to write the script for the new Dirty Dancing. In the 1987 film, a young girl (Jennifer Grey) goes with her upper-class family to a resort in the Catskills where she falls in love with the local dancing instructor (Patrick Swayze).
kenny ortega Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-29
High School Musical Director To Helm Remake Of Dirty Dancing
Back in 2007 it was reported that Kenny Ortega, best known for directing all three High School Musicals, had been hired to helm a remake of Footloose. From that point on it was a series of ups and downs, with Zack Efron signing on for the lead role and then leaving the project. Though Ortega said the project would continue without Efron, it eventually fell apart and the director decided to leave.
kenny ortega Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-08
Director Says Thriller Movie Is Still Years Away
Last week it was reported that Kenny Ortega, the director behind This Is It, was planning yet another Michael Jackson-based film, this time a feature length "adaptation" of the song Thriller. Considering
kenny ortega Eric Eisenberg 2010-11-01
Movie Based On Michael Jackson's Thriller Is Being Shopped Around To Studios
Halloween is the perfect time to revisit the timeless and epic music video for Michael Jackson's Thriller. Directed by John Landis and featuring a
kenny ortega Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-26
Coens' True Grit Gets Yuletide Release, Footloose Gets Canned
Well, pilgrim, you've got yourself just under a year to find yourself an eye patch, a cowboy hat and a six-shooter so you can roll up to the theater in full Rooster Cogburn gear and scare the shit out of anyone headed to see Joel and Ethan Coen's True Grit remake.
kenny ortega Will LeBlanc 2010-01-20
Ortega Directing Movie Version Of In The Heights
Heights, which won the Best Musical Tony in 2007, was originally composed and written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also starred in the original Broadway run as Usnav
kenny ortega Katey Rich 2009-12-14
Interview: This Is It Director Kenny Ortega On His Last Work With MJ
Even though he's an experienced film director, with High School Musical 3 and Newsies behind him, Kenny Ortega didn't start his last adventure with Michael Jackson with the camera in mind
kenny ortega Katey Rich 2009-10-27
This Is It Director Bails On Footloose Remake
Of course Ortega isn't the first key player to bounce on the project-- Zac Efron had to be replaced by Chace Crawford just a few months after he'd signed on
kenny ortega Katey Rich 2009-10-26
Michael Jackson Secretly Remade Thriller, And You Can See It In 3D!
Ortega also revealed that there may be a 3D re-release of Michael Jackson’s This Is it later on, including the revamped music videos that were originally to be broadcast during the concerts in 3D. That's right
kenny ortega CB Staff 2009-10-22
Footloose Goes Ahead Without Efron
Are they just going to settle for High School Musical sidekick Corbin Bleu and be done with it? Are they going to turn some unknown into Efron's greatest rival? Are they kidding us with this harebrained remake scheme?
kenny ortega Katey Rich 2009-05-12
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