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The Fear Monger: Friday The 13th And Paranormal Activity 5 Coming Later Than Expected
Remember when the next Friday the 13th movie was supposed to come out this year? That isn’t happening anymore. And even though Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will come out this year, it won't be as soon as we thought.
paranormal activity Nick Venable 2015-01-31
Win Tickets To Be The First To See Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is coming to theaters on January 3rd, 2014. But you and a friend could see what this freaky feature has in store before anyone else with this exclusive giveaway.
paranormal activity Kristy Puchko 2013-12-05
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Ritually Sacrifices An International Trailer
Director Christopher Landon worked on several of the previous features, so he’s well-versed in making the camera shake all over the place while interjecting spooky shit. I’m really glad he’s upping the ante on the paranormal side of things, as the third series entry was the only one that worked for me, mostly due to things getting absurdly weird.
paranormal activity Nick Venable 2013-11-22
Paranormal Activity Spinoff, The Marked Ones, Scares Up First Trailer
The Marked Ones borrows more elements from V/H/S and its sequel than it does from Paranormal, with teenage characters infiltrating a place they shouldn’t see, then paying the price for their intrusion by being “marked” and blessed with despicable powers.
paranormal activity Sean O'Connell 2013-10-17
Paranormal Activity's Katie And Hook's Rufio Mock Their Own Typecasting In Hilarious Video
The other side of this typecasting coin though is that people—from directors to casting agents and the general public—may never be able to see you as anything other than your major break through character. This is the problem that both of the vids—above and below—present through two very different roles.
paranormal activity Kristy Puchko 2013-08-19
Two Paranormal Activity Movies Are Coming In 2014
For the first time since 2009, theaters nationwide will not be haunted by a new installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise this Halloween. While Paramount had previously announced that the fifth installment of the franchise would be released on October 25th, last month we learned that the studio was planning to push the movie back.
paranormal activity Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-08
Paranormal Activity 4 Sucked, So Where Should It Go From Here?
With Paramount already planning on Paranormal Activity 5 and set to unveil a Spanish-language spin-off next spring, I began to wonder, where the franchise will go from 4, and where it needs to go to get back on track. Obviously, this discussion will focus on specifics of Paranormal Activity 4, so MAJOR SPOILERS lie ahead.
paranormal activity Kristy Puchko 2012-10-23
Paranormal Activity 5 And Latino-Focused Spinoff On Their Way
At this point a new Paranormal Activity movie is pretty much synonymous with the arrival of fall weather and Halloween, so it would be more surprising if Paramount had decided not to make another movie in the franchise, especially given the heavy-duty $30 million it's estimated to have made this weekend. But Paramount has put a twist in the usual formula of green lighting a sequel
paranormal activity Katey Rich 2012-10-21
Paranormal Activity Team Making A Latino-Themed Horror
Fans of found footage horror have the fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity series to look forward this fall. And from what’s being reported, it sounds like an offshoot of the popular franchise is in the works, in the form of a semi-related horror film by some of the people behind Paranormal Activity.
paranormal activity Kelly West 2012-04-06
The River's Zack Estrin To Pen Paranormal Activity 4
The next installment of the Paranormal Activity has locked in a writer, and it’s someone who is no stranger to found footage horror. Zack Estrin, whose current work you’ve seen on ABC if you’ve been watching The River, is reportedly penned a deal to pen the fourth Paranormal Activity film.
paranormal activity Kelly West 2012-03-15
Paranormal Activity 4 Gets A Release Date
Earlier this week we learned that the Paranormal Activity franchise would be getting another sequel this year. The obvious prediction for the release date for the horror film would be somewhere near Halloween, which is when the earlier films made their way into theaters. Sure enough, the announced date does fall into that timeframe...
paranormal activity Kelly West 2012-01-04
Where Does The Paranormal Activity Franchise Go From Here?
This past weekend Paranormal Activity 3 set a whole slew of new records. The movie now holds the top spot for midnight opener for a horror film (bringing in $8 million), best opening day for a horror film in the US ($26.2 million) and best opening for a October/fall movie ($54 million). What makes it a true success, though, is that the whole movie cost only $5 million to make...
paranormal activity Eric Eisenberg 2011-10-24
Giveaway: Win Paranormal Activity And Paranormal Activity 2 On DVD
Unlike a lot of horror movie franchises, which just substitute a new group of characters to get terrorized whenever it's time to make a sequel, the Paranormal Activity films focus very tightly on a single family, with the first two films linking up to each other and establishing a large mythology
paranormal activity Katey Rich 2011-10-19
Fantastic Fest Day 7: Livid, The Corridor, Paranormal Activity 3
As a big fan of the franchise, I was looking forward to the third installment and was delighted when it was added as a Fantastic Fest secret screening. For a good portion of the film, it was delivering exactly what I was expecting with a few impressive new elements thrown in.
paranormal activity Brian Salisbury 2011-09-30
Paranormal Activity 3 Poster Goes Back In Time
Paranormal Activity will continue to work its way backward through the story next month when the third installment of the horror franchise hits theaters. Paramount released the creepy new poster for the film, which is set in the late-’80’s.
paranormal activity Kelly West 2011-09-20
Ethan Hawke Trying Horror With Insidious, Paranormal Activity Producer
Hawke has signed on to the latest Scott Derrickson picture, an as-yet-untitled genre film that will be produced by Jason Blum (Insidious, Paranormal Activity). Derrickson, who directed 2005’s bare-bones exercise The Exorcism of Emily Rose, will begin shooting the picture in September.
paranormal activity Sean O'Connell 2011-07-15
Paranormal Activity 3 Coming Next Halloween
In theory the Saw franchise wrapped up this Halloween, and that means there’s room for some other horror franchise to step in and take its annual place. Enter Paranormal Activity. The second entry in the fake found footage franchise
paranormal activity Josh Tyler 2010-11-17
Buy A Ticket To See Paranormal Activity 2, Recieve A Free Copy Of The First Movie
It goes without saying that most people interested in seeing Paranormal Activity 2 are fans of the original, the low-budget horror film that ended
paranormal activity Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-18
Katie Featherston Is In The Dark On The Paranormal Activity 2
Back in March, when asked about the Paranormal Activity sequel, Micah Sloat flat out said, “ I know a lot, I can’t tell you.” Naturally, that sparked rumors that Sloat could get some face time
paranormal activity Perri Nemiroff 2010-05-27
The Most Memorable Movie Moments Of 2009
More often than not it's the moments we remember most; those special, singular places in time where everything comes together on screen for a few brief seconds or minutes to create something so indelible
paranormal activity The CB All Stars 2009-12-30
Totally Original Looking Paranormal Entity Trailer
Finally, a direct-to-DVD movie from The Asylum that has an excuse to be shot with a shitty little DV camera. Most of the time, these low budget, shameless rip-offs are trying to replicate films like Transformers
paranormal activity Will LeBlanc 2009-12-16
Paramount Wants To Make A Bunch Of Paranormal Activitys
I bet it feels like winning Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? whenever a studio throws a couple bucks in the ring for a movie like Paranormal Activity and ends up making more on it than they do on some of their huge blockbusters
paranormal activity Tim Gomez 2009-12-11
Paramount Nabs Area 51 US Distribution Rights
Area 51 is about “three teens whose curiosity leads them to the notorious Area 51 portion of Nellis Air Force Base in the Nevada desert.” Thanks to a hefty seven-figure deal, U.S. distribution rights now belong to Paramount Pictures
paranormal activity Perri Nemiroff 2009-11-29
Will Area 51 Be Too Much Like Paranormal Activity?
Since the movie will be shot in the same improvisational manner as Paranormal Activity, the script is really just a summary of scenes and props-- it goes without saying that there's a lot of room for things to change in the shooting process
paranormal activity Katey Rich 2009-11-11
Paranormal Goat Activity
A few months ago Paranormal Activity was an $11,000 movie which no one would probably ever seen. Now it’s such a phenomenon that it’s being parodied, in this case by other movies
paranormal activity Josh Tyler 2009-11-04
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