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Mallrats 2 Is Coming Back With At Least These 5 Characters
It was just last week that director Kevin Smith hinted that he was developing a Mallrats 2, and while he has three movies lined up to film before working on that project, that hasn’t stopped him from starting to get a cast together.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-23
See Jay & Silent Bob Reunite To Hype Mallrats 2
It’s certainly looking like Kevin Smith’s recent tease of a tweet regarding a sequel to 1995’s absurd, but adored comedy, Mallrats was on the level. Smith’s latest tweet may finally confirm what fans have been recently approaching with cautious optimism. With Smith depicting a mini cast reunion and a bold pronouncement, Mallrats 2 clearly isn’t just an optical illusion caused by gratuitous magic eye poster ogling.
stan lee Joseph Baxter 2015-03-20
This Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Was Going To Be Decapitated, Marvel Refused
There’s one thing Marvel won’t do and that’s decapitate one of its characters in front of entire audiences. One character in Guardians was originally supposed to meet this fate, but that’s when James Gunn and his team realized that just might not be the right move.
stan lee Nick Romano 2014-12-22
Stan Lee's Next Superhero Movie Will Not Be What You Expect
Wouldn’t you know, comic book pioneer Stan “The Man” Lee proves to be at the head of that charge for comic-book diversity, exploring a project that will open up his massive influence to a huge portion of the global community.
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2014-10-10
Stan Lee May Be Secretly Playing The Same Marvel Character In Every Movie
When you consider the high level of attention paid to continuity that exists in modern comic book movie franchises, the ubiquitous presence of Marvel co-founder Stan Lee produces an interesting puzzle. It’s weird enough that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has presented him as a World War II general, “Larry King,” a poison-soda drinker, a Xandarian Ladies' Man, and more - but it’s even more bizarre when you factor in his appearances in other franchises.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-29
Stan Lee Reveals His Favorite Marvel Cameo
Stan Lee has finally revealed which of his Marvel cameos is his favorite. But those of you who were hoping that they could revel in the clip over and over again after learning of his decision will be rudely disappointed because it hasn’t even hit cinemas yet!
stan lee Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-18
Here's The Full Story Behind The Aborted Stan Lee Cameo Including Picture Evidence
Earlier this week, we found out Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn originally wanted Stan Lee’s standard cameo to involve a pretty hilarious middle finger.
stan lee Mack Rawden 2014-09-04
The Edgy Cameo Disney Refused To Let Stan Lee Film
Out of all of the stuff that made it into Guardians Of The Galaxy, there was still one cameo that pushed the boundaries of Disney's better judgement. If you want to know what was too much for a film that included a line about “pelvic sorcery,” then you'll definitely want to see this.
stan lee Mike Reyes 2014-09-01
Marvel's Black Panther Movie Confirmed By Stan Lee
We have been hearing that the menacing Ultron will have to travel to Black Panther’s home land of Wakanda to pick up valuable resources in Joss Whedon’s sequel. But it’s unclear if an actor will have been cast to play the hero T’Challa in a Marvel movie for this potential cameo.
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2014-09-01
Is Katee Sackhoff Getting Closer To Joining Marvel?
With all this recent chatter about introducing more female superheroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many comic book movie fans have found themselves repeating one name: Katee Sackhoff. The actress has a large sci-fi fanhood following thanks to her time playing Starbuck on the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica, and many of those same people want to see her take on more big genre pictures - making Marvel a natural fit.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2014-07-29
Nathan Fillion's Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo Has Been Officially Revealed
Going back to April, there has been a lot of back and forth about what role Nathan Fillion would play in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. The Firefly star revealed to the crowd at St. Louis Comic-Con that he would have a role in the Marvel Studios film, but would not say what part he was playing and only hinted that it was a role that audiences will only be able to recognize after seeing his name in the end credits.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2014-07-17
Stan Lee Confirms His Avengers Cameo, Wants To Be In Batman v Superman
Playfully joking about the rivalry between the comic book powerhouses, Lee said from the stage of the convention, “DC could probably make a lot more money with Superman and Batman if they announced that I'd have a cameo in it! People wouldn't believe it - they'd have to go to the theatre to see it!"
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2014-07-14
David S. Goyer Dismisses She-Hulk As 'A Giant Green Porn Star'
The fallout over David S. Goyer’s comments continues. For now, tell us your thoughts. Listen to Goyer’s comments in context on the podcast, and tell us if he was attempting to make a joke, or if his views on the role of female superheroes has you concerned about the influence he has on the developing DC Cinematic Universe.
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2014-05-22
Stan Lee Will Have A Cameo In Guardians Of The Galaxy After All
A few months back, comic book legend Stan Lee revealed that he would not be making a cameo appearance in James Gunn's upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy, but apparently things have changed in an interesting way in the time since then.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2014-04-27
Stan Lee's Streak Of Marvel Movie Cameos Is About To End
Why can’t Lee make a cameo? I’m guessing it’s because the majority of Guardians is going to take place in outer space. Maybe Lee would have to endure hours in the make-up chair to turn himself into an extraterrestrial character for what amounts to a three-second cameo? And at 91, he doesn’t have time for that!
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2014-01-22
Stan Lee Wants To Make A Cameo In Batman Vs. Superman
While Lee is certainly joking about his appearance in the movie alone drawing big crowds, I do think that he's on to something,. As a comic book fan and, by extension, a comic book movie fan, I've never understood why others are so adamant about drawing a line in the sand between Marvel and DC.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2013-10-21
Stan Lee Promises Black Panther, Doctor Strange And The Inhumans For Future Marvel Movies
Lee was asked several questions about possible upcoming Marvel movies, and while most of this probably has to fall into the category of “speculation,” Lee likely is in the loop on decisions pertaining to Marvel properties, and I don’t think he’s pulling this information out of thin air.
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2013-09-18
X-Men: Days Of Future Past Won't Include A Stan Lee Cameo
Part of the fun of watching Marvel movies over the last 13 years has been keeping an eye out for the comic book legend's moment in the spotlight, be it rescuing pedestrians from falling debris (Spider-Man), drinking gamma radiation infected soda (The Incredible Hulk) or getting mistaken for both Hugh Hefner (Iron Man).
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-23
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo Teases Stan Lee's Latest Cameo
Scripted by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brings back Andrew Garfield as the titular hero and sees him going up a slew of new villains, including Electro (Jamie Foxx), Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti). Emma Stone, Sally Field, and Martin Sheen will return as their characters from the previous film, while other newcomers include Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn and Colm Feore, Felicity Jones and B.J. Novak in unrevealed roles.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-03
Stan Lee's New Project Annihilator Brings Us A Chinese Captain America
Scenario: You’re a movie producer. You ask Stan Lee for an idea. Lee writes some notes down on a napkin, but mixes it up with his used handkerchief and gives you that instead. You turn the handkerchief into a three-picture deal and make a few million, because Stan Lee is like the King Midas of popular fiction. Everything he touches will at least turn into a movie pitch
stan lee Nick Venable 2013-02-22
See Every Stan Lee Cameo In One Marvelous Mash-Up
He is one of the few comic book writers who is known and recognized by people outside the comic connoisseur community, and that is thanks in no small part to moviemakers' love of offering him eye-catching cameos in their adaptations of his works. You can check out all Lee's cameos, spanning from the 1989 TV movie Trial of the Incredible Hulk to 2012's Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman.
stan lee Kristy Puchko 2013-01-07
Stan Lee Media Sues Disney Over Marvel Character Rights
Almost everyone with even a passing interest in comic books knows that Stan Lee is the creator of many of Marvel's biggest characters, and former president of the enormous comics company. So when you first hear that a company called Stan Lee Media has filed a lawsuit against Disney, which currently has the screen rights to the majority of Marvel's characters
stan lee Katey Rich 2012-10-11
Stan Lee Reveals Which Marvel Movies He Didn't Really Like
Stan "The Man" Lee was attending the 2012 Fan Expo in Canada when he was asked which Marvel movie adaptations disappointed him the most. And given the fact that Lee’s never one to mince words, he answered.
stan lee Sean O'Connell 2012-08-27
The Adventures Of Tintin Leads Visual Effects Society Award Nominees
With its globe-trotting scope and masterful manipulation of motion-capture animation, it's little wonder that Steven Spielberg's Golden Globe nominated epic The Adventures of Tintin leads the race with six nominations.
stan lee Kristy Puchko 2012-01-09
Stan Lee Media Inc. Is Suing Conan The Barbarian
It goes without saying that Conan The Barbarian was a massive disappointment. In addition to getting absolutely dismal reviews, the Marcus Nispel-directed film opened at #4 last weekend and only took in a little over $10 million. Considering it had a $90 million budget, the movie will need to pull a miracle out of its ass internationally if it doesn't want to go down as one of the biggest flops of 2011.
stan lee Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-23
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