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Fast & Furious 6 Runs Over The Wolfpack With Huge Friday Gross
Remember when The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift couldn’t even muster $25 million at the domestic box office during its opening weekend seven years ago? Let the record show the franchise’s successes in the years since have not been flukes. The latest installment in the series not only looks poised to win the box office crown this weekend, it looks poised to leave tire tracks all over the competing films.
the hangover Mack Rawden 2013-05-25
The Hangover Part III Won't Involve A Wedding
Fans had a lot of problems with The Hangover Part II, but nothing seemed to bother people more than how similar the plot was to the original. It was the exact same outline, only forty percent as funny and lacking in freshness. Luckily, it seems Todd Phillips and company were listening to all the Internet bitching
the hangover Mack Rawden 2012-09-10
Hangover II Lawsuit Claims The Movie Stole Man's Life Story
While most of us have never accidentally kidnapped a naked Asian gangster or received an unwanted Mike Tyson-inspired facial tattoo, everybody can relate to the idea of a crazy weekend with friends. There's one fellow, however, who insists that The Hangover Part II hits just a little too close to home...close enough that he's filed a lawsuit
the hangover David Wharton 2011-10-17
Avatar Tops The List Of Most Pirated Movies
It is baffling to me to see that the most pirated movies are the very movies that work best on the big screen. Movie piracy continues to be an issue, and based on the list of most pirated movies, those who are opting not to pay for their entertainment prefer the big blockbuster movies, Avatar topping the list with a whopping 21 million downloads.
the hangover Kelly West 2011-10-12
Forget Bad Teacher: The 7 Worst Possible Movie Babysitters
I vividly remember, during my own youth, my mother and father talking at the kitchen table and discarding wannabe babysitters for such reasons as lack of intelligence, possible drinking problem, ugliness and poor hygiene, but all that effort still didn’t stop one hired hand from encouraging me to jump as far as I could off the back of the couch. She thought it was funny. I still do
the hangover Mack Rawden 2011-06-21
The Hangover Part III Script Is Already Being Written, Craig Mazin Rehired By Warner Bros.
The one interesting and/or surprising thing here is that Mazin's Hangover Part III co-writer Scot Armstrong is not mentioned as signing on already. Also there are no contracts yet signed requiring director Todd Phillips or any of the stars to return for a third film, or specifying their salaries
the hangover Katey Rich 2011-05-31
Hangover Part II Clips Come With A Tribute To Annie's Boobs
Here’s two new clips from The Hangover Part 2 which seem to confirm that this is exactly the movie we’re getting. It’s the same film. The first one has them waking up and discovering all the things that went wrong the night before, as they did in the first one.
the hangover Josh Tyler 2011-05-18
Todd Phillips Has A Hangover Trilogy Planned, But Says That's The Limit
The idea of "obviously" envisioning a comedy as part of a trilogy is a little bizarre, since there are very, very few examples of successful comedy trilogies and there's nothing in the original Hangover that looks like they're really setting things up for a sequel
the hangover Katey Rich 2011-05-18
6 Hangover II Character Posters, Even The Monkey Gets One
Warner Bros. has released a series of six new character posters for The Hangover II. Even the monkey gets one. Actually of course the monkey gets one, because odds are he’ll have a lot more screen time in this movie than Justin Bartha. What roof are you going to hang out on this time Doug?
the hangover Josh Tyler 2011-04-14
Full Hangover Part II Trailer Arrives And Brings The Party To Bangkok
Here’s what’s up according to the trailer: This time Stu is the one getting married and the boys go partying, only to wake up in a disgusting hotel room with no memory of what happened the night before. They’ve lost someone (someone different this time) and they set out to find him. That’s also the plot of the first movie, except this time it takes place in Bangkok and there’s a monkey.
the hangover Josh Tyler 2011-03-31
Interview: Limitless' Bradley Cooper
While promoting the film Limitless, Bradley Cooper brought up an interesting topic; the character an actor plays winds up reflecting upon that actor. Basically, that meant that at a time, Cooper was seen as the nice guy from Alias then the jerk from Wedding Crashers and then the good looking smart alec from The Hangover. Well, now he’s gearing up to turn that image upside down yet again with his latest film, Limitless.
the hangover Perri Nemiroff 2011-03-15
Todd Phillips Speaks Out Against Unrated DVD Releases
When you really think about it, "unrated" DVDs are bullshit. All they do is give studios an excuse to release a new edition of a movie you already bought and squeeze more money out of you (this is commonly referred to as double dipping). In reality, however, all they are really doing is inserting deleted scenes back into the final cut and calling them "unrated," which they can do because technically the cut was never approved by the MPAA
the hangover Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-15
New Photo From The Hangover Part II Contains A Monkey
We have a new photo from The Hangover II. Hopefully the movie’s first trailer won’t be far behind. For now we have this still shot, in which Zach Galifiankis has no hair, Ed Helms has a Mike
the hangover Josh Tyler 2011-01-15
Mel Gibson Out, Liam Neeson In On Hangover 2
The Hangover grossed hundreds of millions of dollars because it unflinchingly refused to compromise its heavy R-rating and adult subject matter. Only time will tell if this was the only PC-inspired
the hangover Mack Rawden 2010-10-22
The Hangover Writers Keep The Party Going With Two More Scripts
There's already a Hangover 2 in the works and set to start filming this fall, but the movie's writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore aren't letting go of their "morning after" premise until they've milked as much money out of it as they can
the hangover Katey Rich 2010-08-17
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