Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Recreate A Classic Terminator 2 Scene
Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Joseph Baena, is getting into the Terminator business by recreating this cool scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
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Terminator 2 Is Coming Back To Theaters, Get The Details
Terminator 2: Judgment Day was an incredibly popular film in its day with state of the art special effects. If you're curious how well they've held up on the big screen, you're about to get your chance to find out.
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Celebrity Apprentice Trailer: NBC's First Promo Reveals Arnold's New Catchphrase
We finally got our first look at NBC's new version of The Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we're loving his new catchphrase. Check it out.
How The Legend Of Conan Will Begin, According To The Writer
Once, there was a king of a bygone era, who waited to be redeemed by his one, true sequel. That king was Conan the Barbarian, and The Legend of Conan hasn't forgotten where the 1982 original left its fans hanging. In fact, it's inspired the approach to the long in development sequel's opening sequence.
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Who The New Predator Movie's Protagonist Will Be
Now that we all know that Predator will be coming back in another big screen adventure, the hopes that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back on board are pretty high. Well, it looks like we finally have an idea of who the main good guy will actually be.
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What Celebrity Apprentice Is Going To Change With Arnold Schwarzenegger
in an era where steady ratings are great ratings for NBC, Celebrity Apprentice isn't going anywhere. In fact, the show is being revamped completely. Arnold Schwarzenegger will head up the series as the lead host, and another big change is coming to the new series.
Wait, Is Terminator 6 Actually Happening? Here's What Arnold Schwarzenegger Says
Last year’s Terminator: Genisys was meant to pump new life into the aging franchise, and be the first in a new series of films. However, something stood in the way of this plan upon release. It wasn’t very good.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Back For The New Predator Movie? Here's What He Said
The Predator film franchise, much like the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, has had its ups and downs over the years. But the original is one of Arnold’s most popular action films, and he might come back for the new chapter.
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Kindergarten Cop 2 Trailer: Watch Dolph Lundgren Try To Fill Arnold's Massive Shoes
There comes a time in every action movie star’s career when it becomes time to play against type in a family comedy. However, some action stars apparently get to wait longer than others.
How Arnold Schwarzenegger's Twins 2, Or Triplets, Wants To Use Eddie Murphy
With Eddie Murphy being courted to play a role in the long awaited sequel, Triplets, some would begin to wonder how a third brother would work in the scheme of things. Luckily, Arnold himself has the answers, and you can read them after the jump.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops More Plot Details For Conan The Conqueror
Arnold Schwarzenegger became on of the great movie action heroes in the 80’s and 90’s but it all began in 1982 with his role in Conan the Barbarian. The movie saw a less than stellar sequel a couple of years later. Now Arnold says the next film is on the way.
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Why The Terminator Speaks In An Austrian Accent
The Terminator franchise has its fair share of questions, but one of the most enigmatic actually does have a little known answer. Read on to see how the T-800 became the strapping robot of death he is today!
Terminator Producer Admits Everyone May Not Have Loved What They Saw
Rumors have persisted for some time that the lackluster performance of the fifth Terminator film had resulted in Skydance putting the time-travel franchise on "hold." Now it seems that the studio has an understanding of the film's shortcomings.
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Terminator: Genisys Is Still Somehow Making A Fortune, Here's How Much
In true little-engine-that-could fashion, Terminator: Genisys has just kept right on chugging at international theaters, and now it has climbed into the 2015 box office top ten worldwide.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Your New Host Of Celebrity Apprentice
However, now Schwarzenegger will be departing from his reprisal norm for the television season, as NBC has announced that he will be taking the reins of successful reality series. That's right, he's going to headline Celebrity Apprentice.
Terminator Genisys Is On Fire In China, Posting Crazy Box Office Numbers
We knew Terminator Genisys was doing well in China, but we didn't think it was doing THAT well. Check out the film's surprise reversal of fortune, and find out why this is happening so quickly.
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Watch A Massive Montage Of Explosions From Arnold Schwarzenegger's Movies
Over then course of the montage, we see memorable moments from movies like Predator, True Lies, Commando, The Running Man, the Terminator films (of course), and Total Recall.
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Future Of The Terminator Series Remains Unclear
Terminator Genisys made money, but not necessarily automatic sequel money, and the studio is going to have to make some tough decisions as the future of the franchise remains in doubt.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blunt Opinion Of The Predator Sequels
Despite four follow-up films, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that the Predator franchise still has not lived up to the high bar set by the 1987 original.
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Terminator Genisys Director Doesn't Really Expect You To Understand His Movie
Terminator: Genisys left a lot of viewers scratching their heads over the intricately layered timeline, but director Alan Taylor says that he never expected people to get it.
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