Dwayne Johnson Is Making A TV Show About Pro Wrestling, Get The Details
Dwayne Johnson has become one of the most in-demand actors in showbiz nowadays, but it all started for him inside the wrestling ring. Now, he has a small screen project coming that's all about that world.
Watch Kevin Hart And The Rock Get Awkwardly Close In Latest BTS Jumanji Video
Being a movie star looks like it's all glitz and glamor. However, for Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, there is a dark side to being famous. Sometimes, to get a shot, you have to put up with some fairly uncomfortable things.
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Watch The Rock Hilariously Provide Commentary For His First WWE Wrestling Match
The Rock made a name for himself in the '90s as a top WWE wrestler. He's mostly moved on to a film career nowadays, but he recently sat down to re-watch his first WWE match, and his commentary is hilarious.
How The Rock Reacted To A Refreshing Act Of Kindness
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got a tasty surprise that really touched him over the weekend, and he shared the sweet story with his fans.
The Jumanji Camera Crew Ruin The Rock’s Shot In Very Funny New On-Location Video
The new Jumanji movie is currently filming in Hawaii. You might think that means sipping Mai Tai's by the pool every day for cast and crew, but based on The Rock's new video that's not quite the case.
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How Disney Has Responded To That Controversial Moana Costume
Disney's newest animated spectacle, Moana, is set to hit theaters in just a couple months. However, the movie is already having to do damage control following a merchandise controversy.
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How Karen Gillan Feels About Her Super Tight And Small Jumanji Costume
The Rock has emphasized over and over that this Jumanji, directed by Jake Kasden, is a continuation of the original story, and not a remake, which frees it up to make its own bold choices. So far, though, this one is in question, even with Karen Gillan weighing in.
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The First Jumanji Photo Features A Badass Dwayne Johnson And An Hysterical Kevin Hart
The Rock just finished filming on the latest Fast & Furious movie, but he's back at work already alongside all of his major co-stars in the remakequel of Jumanji.
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Check Out What The Rock Could Look Like As Black Adam In Shazam
A new piece of fan art has surfaced online showcasing what Dwayne Johnson could look like as Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam! movie.
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The Rock Might Get An Unexpected Co-Star If The Rundown 2 Happens
Director Peter Berg is eager to team Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with an unexpected Hollywood star if The Rundown 2 ever happens.
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Dwayne Johnson’s Hard-R Rated Saints Row Movie Sounds Like It Would Have Been Awesome
Once movie studios successfully figured out how to adapt comic books, their attention shifted to video games. There have been several recent attempts, and there will be several more in the coming months. However, we're very sad to discover that what may be the best idea for a video game based movie will likely never happen.
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The Rock Just Revealed His Jumanji 2 Character, And He Looks Incredible
The Rock has given us our very first look at his Jumanji 2 character, and he looks exactly like cinema's most famous archaeologist.
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The Rock Just Earned An Incredible Financial Honor, Get The Details
If it seems like The Rock is always making movies, that's because he is. He always seems to be juggling a half dozen different films, but as it turns out, there's a benefit to working that hard.
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What The Rock Really Wants Jumanji Fans To Understand About His New Movie
The Rock just finished filming Fast 8 but he's already off to get going on his next film. Now, he's even more excited to get started, now that fans are apparently excited, by the news he broke last week.
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Did The Rock Just Take Another Jab At Vin Diesel?
It looks like the beef has not been entirely squashed between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. Check out what else the Rock had to say in his farewell post to the Fast 8 crew.
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What The New Jumanji Movie Will Be About, According To The Rock
The Rock has just taken to social media in order to clarify one major misconception about the upcoming Jumanji film.
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Who The Fast 8 Cast Is Still Pretty Annoyed At, According To Sources
The on-set feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel has been some of the hottest recent gossip within Hollywood, but while we originally thought the issues had been put in the rear view mirror, it now appears that may not be the case.
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One Fast & Furious Star Finally Took Vin Diesel’s Side In The Ongoing Beef
Fast & Furious 8 star Tyrese Gibson has taken to Instagram to jump into the feud between Vin Diesel and The Rock, and made it quite clear whose side he is on.
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How The Rock Is Trying To Spin His Aggressive Fast 8 Comments
Has the Fast 8 set beef of 2016 come to an end? Dwayne Johnson's latest Instagram post might have you believe that. Read on to see Johnson's latest statement, and what it may mean for the conflict at hand.
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Who The Rock Was Probably Talking About In His Fast & Furious Rant
The Rock seems like a nice guy. One of the nicest in the film industry, on the surface, at least. So when he put one of his Fast & Furious co-stars on blast the other day, it struck most of us as a surprise.
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