The Rock Shares Photos From The Set Of His New Wrestling Movie
We're beginning to think that The Rock doesn't sleep, as he's already hard at work prepping and pimping out another movie he's shepherding into reality. See some photos from the set, inside.
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The Rock's Rampage Movie May Be Adding A Magic Mike Star
Dwayne Johnson's Rampage movie currently is light on cast members, but one of Magic Mike's main stars may be preparing to board the blockbuster.
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The Fast And Furious 8 Super Bowl Trailer Just Destroyed All The Cars
Fast cars. Flying fists. And football. For action-movie junkies, the cinematic equivalent of Super Bowl touchdown is another lengthy look at The Fate of the Furious, the upcoming sequel in the long-running muscle car series.
Black Adam: Everything You Need To Know About The Rock's DC Character
Now that Black Adam is not only expected to appear in a Shazam movie, but also lead his own cinematic adventure, we've put together a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about the anti-hero.
The Rock's Rampage Movie Has Found Its Female Lead
Naomie Harris is having a pretty terrific week. Yesterday, the actress earned her first Academy Award nomination for her incredible performance in Barry Jenkins' Moonlight, and now we have word that she will be starring opposite Dwayne Johnson in one of his biggest upcoming blockbusters.
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The Rock's Black Adam Is Getting His Own DC Movie
while answers are blowing in the wind at the moment, we at least are able to confirm that The Rock will be in multiple DC movies because New Line is giving Black Adam his own solo movie in addition to the Shazam film.
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Bonus Moana Scene Shared By The Rock Has An Awesome New Song, But Raises Questions
Disney's Moana has become yet another in the studio's long line of hit animated musicals. However, it turns out there's even more to see, and hear, in a new bonus scene brought to us by The Rock.
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This DC Films Update From The Rock Is Exactly What Fans Want To Hear
The Rock just provided some major updates on his involvement in the DCEU, and it's exactly what we want to hear right now.
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Terry Crews Just Got Some A-List Support In His Overwatch Campaign
Blizzard's Overwatch has become such a huge phenomenon that there are now actors lobbying to be in their game. Terry Crews is one such actor, hoping at some point he can voice the character of Doomfist. Well, one of the biggest names in Hollywood has endorsed Crews for the role and you'll never guess who it is.
Who DC Needs To Cast As Shazam Opposite The Rock
Casting anyone to play a hero against The Rock is always going to be a tough prospect, but one Shazam candidate clearly rises above the rest.
Why The Rock Decided To Play Black Adam In Shazam
Despite the lack of public information on Shazam, Dwayne Johnson hasn't hesitate to talk about his upcoming turn as Black Adam, and today he provided some insight into why he decided to play the anti-hero in the first place.
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The Rock Teases A Superpowered DC Team Up With Henry Cavill, So Get Excited
The Rock recently took to Instagram to tease an awesome DC team-up with Henry Cavill. Check it out!
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The Rock’s Baywatch Cast Wins The Prize For Sexiest Christmas Card
Unless you have an entire family of supermodels, we don't think your Christmas card is going beat the one released by the cast of the upcoming Baywatch.
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The Rock Movies: A List Of Upcoming Films Starring Dwayne Johnson
The Rock has at least four movies heading to theaters in the near future. Beyond that, he has attached his name to various projects, all of which sound like they will keep the one-time wrestler and current big-screen phenom in the blockbuster business for years.
Watch Terry Crews And His Amazing Abs Rock Out With The Troops
There's a lot to like about Terry Crews, but one of the things I probably like the most is that he's willing to go for it in whatever situation. The man recently took off his shirt and got on a stage with a bunch of fully clothed members of the armed forces and sang.
Baywatch Trailer: The Rock Shows Off The Avengers Of The Beach
The Rock just unleashed the first trailer for the sexy and silly Baywatch reboot. Check it out now.
The 10 Best Movies Starring Wrestlers, Ranked
Professional wrestlers don't get a lot of credit very often when they make the jump from performing for live crowds to performing for the stage. However, some of them have put up solid performances in some absolutely fantastic movies.
Fast And Furious 8 Shows Off New Footage As Trailer Prepares To Drop
Now we know WHEN the first official trailer for Fast 8 is poised to drop, and in getting to that spot, Universal also shared this heartfelt and serious skip through the history of the series, and the family it has established.
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The Rock’s About To Break Some Dude’s Leg On The Jumanji Set
The original Jumanji was mostly a family film who's action was limited to running from wild beasts. It appears the new version is going to be a tad more action oriented, based on what The Rock is set to do to this poor stuntman.
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How The Rampage Movie Will Build Upon The Video Game, According To The Director
How are they actually going to turn the Rampage video game into a movie? Thankfully, director Brad Peyton has the perfect answer.
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