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Peter Dinklage Might Be A Leprechaun In This Unusual-Sounding Comedy

Actor, Peter Dinklage appears to be chasing a proverbial pot of gold down the rainbow of his upcoming new role. In a concept that sounds almost insensitively facetious, the Game of Thrones star has just signed on to a comedy film called O’Lucky Day in which he will play a Leprechaun. – At least, a character who is attempting to pass himself off as one of the diminutive mythical Irish gold hoarders.

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Leprechaun Reboot Lands A Director

Considering it's a reboot of a goofy horror-comedy produced by the WWE and starring a gimmick-driven wrestler, it's easy to write this whole project off as utterly ridiculous. However, utterly ridiculous doesn't exclude insanely entertaining.

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Leprechaun Reboot In The Works

Lionsgate has forged a two-film deal with WWE Studios (yes, that's World Wrestling Entertainment) and the first project that they will be working on together is a reboot of the horror series Leprechaun. Launched in 1993 by writer/director Mark Jones, the first film followed a killer Leprechaun as he hunted for his pot of gold (fun fact: the movie is Jennifer Aniston's first credited film role).

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