The world of horror franchises is fickle. One day, you're making the second or third sequel, and you're on top of the world; the next, you're saying goodbye to the prime release date you carved out for yourself each and every year. The Saw franchise has clearly seen this truth first hand, and now with Jigsaw's potential revitalization of the franchise, we have to wonder, who else deserves a big and bloody revamp?

And what better day than today, Halloween itself, to reach past the veil and bring back 10 candidates that deserve some love. This is especially true because they're franchises that started with the boldest intentions, only to end up stumbling in their future incarnations. We visit these once honored dead, in hopes of raising them into the world of the living. May what was once deceased come back to screaming life, if only to scare us just once more.


Severely underrated in its time, but still a cult classic of its own accord, Candyman started as a Clive Barker story and turned into a 1992 horror film starring Virginia Madsen and horror heavyweight Tony Todd. Walking the intersection between frights, intrigue, and borderline romance, this macabre wonder spawned two sequels, but neither really lived up to the promise and mystique of the original. This one has Jordan Peele written all over it, as what he did with his socially conscious thriller Get Out would most assuredly be the ticket for a new Candyman film.


After Gremlins kickstarted the suburban creature feature craze of the 1980's, Critters took that mold and brought it the cornfields of the American heartland. But eventually, the Crites were hungry for something more, and proceeded to make their way to the city, and eventually back to space, for their last two adventures, which eventually stopped the franchise after eradicating the furry menace once and for all. But as any good villain will tell you, a modern update and/or the possibility of a hidden cache of Critters wouldn't be totally out of the picture. The trouble that they could get into in today's world is only matched by what the today's America would do in reaction to a new round of Critters.

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