Why Netflix Didn't Order Agent Carter Season 3
Once Netflix started rescuing formerly canceled fan-favorite TV shows like Arrested Development and Longmire, it perhaps unwittingly became the scapegoat-ish target for fans to cry out to when their favorite series have been put to pasture. Here's why the company didn't save Agent Carter.
The Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Trailer Is Nostalgic And Funny
It's that time again, folks. Netflix has finally given us a glimpse at our return to Stars Hollow with a newly released trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Take a look.
Where Stranger Things Could Go In Season 2
As soon as the last episode of Netflix's stellar horror series Stranger Things is over, viewer whiplash sets in as the questions pile up over what, if anything, will happen next for the characters that remain. Thankfully, the creative minds behind the show know where future stories would go.
Netflix New Releases: Full List Of Movies And TV Shows Streaming Soon
Netflix continues to update its lineup with new titles each month. Here's the full list of movies and TV shows being added for streaming subscribers.
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9 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In August
Next month, Netflix will have some really fantastic movies available for streaming, but whenever new titles become available, that means it's also time for certain contracts to expire.
Netflix's Most Expensive Show Is Not At All What You'd Expect
A new report indicates that an upcoming Netflix Original series is the streaming platform's most expensive television project to date.
Where The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Revival Is Headed
We've known that the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was coming for a while now, but it's finally been revealed where the new series will air.
BoJack Horseman Renewed For Season 4 On Netflix
Netflix has produced plenty of fantastic originals over the years, and one of the most bizarrely hilarious has to be BoJack Horseman. Luckily for fans of BoJack and his dysfunctional animal adventures, there will be plenty more of him on Netflix.
Will Arnett Just Made Some Blunt Comments About Arrested Development Season 5
TV is currently in an era in which even cancelled shows aren't necessarily gone forever, and Arrested Development already came back from the grave for a Season 4. Now, actor Will Arnett has some thoughts about Season 5.
One Key Way Iron Fist Will Be Different From The Other Marvel Netflix Shows
Marvel is creating an empire of comic series on Netflix, and it looks like Iron Fist will set itself apart from the other shows on the streaming service in a major way.
The Defenders Will Feature Daredevil’s Scott Glenn, But What Will His Role Be?
Marvel and Netflix's The Defenders series released its first teaser trailer this evening, and while it mostly consists of character-representational graphics played to the sound of "Come As You Are" by Nirvana, there is one special line of dialogue featured towards the end.
Marvel's Iron Fist Trailer Is Punchy And Intense
This evening, Marvel Studios and Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer for Luke Cage, the new series that will be out this fall -- but they've also given us a sneak peek at what will be the franchise-within-a-franchise's fourth major series: Iron Fist. Watch the brand new video below, featuring the first ever live-action footage with the character!
The First Defenders Trailer Will Get You So Excited
After months of waiting and having to piece together what Marvel's The Defenders will look like on Netflix, we finally have an official view of the show. Take a look.
The First Luke Cage Trailer Is Here And It's Incredible
Netflix is only now releasing the first trailer for Luke Cage, which comes out in just over two months. But it's amazing enough to not care too much about the timing. Check it out!
Daredevil Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix
We expected a lot of big news to come this week with Comic-Con and all, but we did not expect to hear that Daredevil has been renewed for Season 3. Go ahead and dance a little.
Why The Defenders Is Very Different From The Avengers, According To Jeph Loeb
In Joss Whedon's The Avengers, the titular team is forced to come together with the Asgardian God of Mischief, Loki, makes a deal to unleash an alien invasion upon the Earth. It was a totally logical approach for the 2012 blockbuster -- but fans shouldn't expect something similar to go down in Marvel's first small-screen team-up adventure:
Narcos' Season 2 Trailer Is Action-Packed And Awesome, Watch It Now
Season 1 of Netflix's Narcos was a thrilling look into the life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and the ten episodes felt all too short. The Season 2 trailer has been released, and it promises that the second season should be as awesome as the first.
How Stephen King Feels About Netflix's Stranger Things
Author Stephen King has been captivating audiences with his books for decades, which has helped make him a decent pop culture barometer for his fanbase. Particularly when it comes to projects that go bump in the night. Here's what he thought about Netflix's new horror show Stranger Things.
Adam Sandler Is Making A Movie Set In The 90s, Which Means It Should Be Great
Adam Sandler is returning to the 1990s for his latest Netflix comedy, which will hopefully mean that he'll finally rekindle his magic from the same era.
Movie News
How Stephen King Inspired Netflix's New Show Stranger Things
Netflix's creepy new series Stranger Things has put the streaming service on the map in the horror genre, and it turns out that the producers were inspired by horror master Stephen King in Season 1.
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