Everybody Loves Raymond Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix
Netflix has been busy increasing its original content lineup for the past couple of years, but the dirty little secret of having all of those original shows in the lineup is that Netflix has lost a lot of syndicated content.
New Luke Cage Video Shows An Awesome Fight And Tons Of Bullets
Footage and trailers for Luke Cage has been slowly released over the past few months, and now the streaming service has given us a new clip showing how utterly badass the unbreakable hero is.
Giancarlo Esposito Has A Great Reason For Turning Down A Marvel TV Role
The man behind Gus Fring recently revealed why he turned down a role on a Marvel television series, and it's something we feel compelled to agree with.
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11 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix in September
Netflix just revealed the movies that they will be taking away in September. We filtered through the list and ended up with almost a dozen titles that you need to catch up on, if you haven't yet, as well as the day they're going to disappear.
Netflix TV Shows And Movies: Here's What's New To Streaming In September
Netflix has a pretty good lineup of movies and TV shows headed to their list of screening options in September. Those looking to do a Jaws marathon will get their chance. And if you're a season behind on The Walking Dead, you'll have your chance to get caught up.
When The Walking Dead Season 6 Is Hitting Netflix
The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows on television, but some fans don't get to watch seasons as they unfold live. The first five seasons have been on Netflix for a while, and now we know when Season 6 will become available.
Stranger Things May Be Way More Popular Than We Thought, Here's The Latest
One of the summer's biggest pop culture phenomenons has undoubtedly been the Netflix horror thriller Stranger Things, but the level of its popularity is still shocking.
Where The Majority Of Netflix Subscribers Are Going
Over the last few years, Netflix has become a major player in the United States, as certain factions of the population have cut cable and shifted toward a binge-watching model. A new report indicates there is soon going to be a major shift in Netflix's subscriber population.
Fuller House Is Recasting 2 Original Characters
Girl Meets World has shown us time and again that TV revivals work best when tons of original characters are milling about, and fellow TGIF spinoff Fuller House will also bring some old school characters back for Season 2.
One Of Stranger Things' Biggest Questions Can Be Answered With A Crazy Fan Theory
When Stranger Things ended its first season, it left a lot of answers to the imagination. Well, the Internet's got imagination in spades and a crazy theory has been concocted concerning the show's biggest mystery, and it might just have some truth to it.
2016 Netflix Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Netflix doesn't always announce release dates well in advance, but we do know that the subscription streaming company has a few original series, movies and first-run non-US programs hitting the service in the next year.
One Of The Most Challenging Things About Playing Daredevil, According To Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox faced a lot of new challenges when he tackled the role of Matt Murdock for Netflix's Daredevil, and it turns out that one of those challenges still persists.
North Korea Is Getting Its Own Streaming Service, Here's What We Know
Hundreds of countries all over the world can take advantage of streaming services like Netflix as a new way to watch TV. In a surprising turn of events, North Korea will be getting its own.
How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders Just Landed A New TV Gig
Cobie Smulders made a name for herself on the small screen thanks to nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Now, she'll be heading back to TV for a new role that could be fantastic.
Anne Of Green Gables Is Getting Another TV Series, Here's What We Know
For over a century, the novel Anne of Green Gables has given children and parents laughter, joy and heartbreak. And in those past 108 years, the story has been adapted for television well over a dozen times, but this new version could be the best one yet.
How The Defenders Will Affect Daredevil Season 3, According To Charlie Cox
When Matt Murdock decided he was going to try and take on the entirety of the criminal element in Hell's Kitchen, he probably underestimated just how big of a task that was going to be. And The Defenders will play a big part in the future of his efforts.
The Weird Way Marvel Keeps Rosario Dawson From Leaking Netflix Spoilers
Rosario Dawson has become a staple of the Marvel universe on Netflix as she appears on multiple shows within the same universe. Marvel has found the perfect way to keep her from leaking details ahead of time.
New Luke Cage Image Shows Luke And Misty’s First Meeting
A new photo has dropped online giving us one of our best looks at Luke Cage and Misty Knight from Power Man's upcoming Netflix series.
How Luke Cage Will Reflect Real World Problems
The upcoming addition to the MCU is set in Harlem, and will therefore focus on the residents of that particular neighborhood. Now it appears that Luke Cage will address the current real-life issues facing people of color.
Why Rory Won't Be Happy When Gilmore Girls Returns
Rory Gilmore has always been the very picture of a hard-working individual for whom success seemed inevitable. But, it sounds like things won't be going quite so well for this Gilmore Girl when the show returns on Netflix.
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