Brilliant Old Spice Commercial Allows You To Control Terry Crews' Muscles

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Old Spice just released a new Internet commercial and interactive game featuring spokesman Terry Crews, and if all goes according to plan, bosses across the world will be cursing the deodorant company over all the lost hours of productivity. The spot features the Idiocracy star clad in red shorts and hooked up to a machine that moves his muscles whenever different instruments are played.

After the commercial runs through, the interactive game portion starts, allowing participants to use their own keyboards to control the instruments and in turn, Terry’s muscles. It that sounds complicated, I promise you it’s not once you see a tutorial. You can go ahead and run through the commercial and then play the game below…

Plenty of former football players have made the transition from the field to the entertainment industry. Very few had more natural charisma than Crews. The actor is a master at using both his voice and his body to project scary in a very comedic way.

Here’s to hoping this campaign is such a raging success Old Spice creates new videos with more ridiculous instruments and random shouts.
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