Britney Spears has been the center of attention today thanks to three rather large pieces of personal and professional news. First, the startlet officially parted ways with X Factor after one season. Second, she’s in negotiations with Caesars to get her own grandiose show in Las Vegas. And third, she and fiancé Jason Trawick have apparently decided to go their separate ways.

Neither Jason nor Brit Brit has spoken publically about the alleged break-up, but according to TMZ, that’s because he needs to be officially taken off the conservatorship monitoring Spears’ money. That formality is expected to happen shortly with the full consent of everyone involved.

If the outlet is to be believed, there aren’t a whole lot of hard feelings between Spears and Trawick over the break-up. They supposedly just drifted far enough apart that it became clear they needed to go in different directions. Given their age, attractiveness and financial resources, there’s reason to optimistically think they’ll each find happiness and fulfillment somewhere else, but in the case of Britney, that excitement has to be at least slightly tempered because of how she was before Jason came into the picture.

For the past few years, Trawick has served not only as Britney’s fiancé but also her co-conservator along with her father. Together, Jamie and Jason were able to right the ship with Britney and push her from being a bit of a mess into a stable working musician again.

I truly hope Britney’s mental health remains strong after this break-up, but I am a little bit worried for her given what a positive effect Jason had. What do you think? Will she be okay after this split? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will Britney Be Okay?

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