Chris Brown has been in a delicate emotional state for awhile. Being openly hated by a large segment of the population has a tendency to do that to a man. Now and again, his frustration boils over on Twitter, as it did earlier this month when he threatened to quit music, but yesterday, he took the animosity to a whole new level when he unleashed a furious series of tweets that took aim at everyone from rappers to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The series of tweets in question dropped last night, and they come hot on the heels of a judge ordering him to do 1000 additional hours of community service after questions emerged as to whether he actually completed his original hours. Many observers are blaming Brown himself for the snafu, but he clearly holds someone else responsible.

You can take a look at the rant below…

I get Brown’s frustrations with the legal system and frustrations with how he feels he’s being treated. I’m not sure a fender bender in which the victim didn’t want to press charges was really a good enough reason to take him up on a parole violation. Brown needs to understand, however, that every time he explodes and goes off publically like this that he’s only giving his critics more ammunition, as well as further severing his relationship with the LAPD and District Attorney’s Office. It might feel good momentarily to unload, but in the long run, it’s a bad decision.



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