Jack White Rips Lady Gaga, Calls Her Music A Sound Bite

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Jack White might like a wide range of musicians and bands, but Lady Gaga definitely isnít one of them. In fact, he thinks sheís a phony who makes sound bites that donít have any real value. Thatís the takeaway from a recent interview Jack White gave thatís just now making the rounds around the Internet.

Speaking to Esquire UK, White bashed celebrity culture, people who embarrass themselves on reality television, Twitter and most of all, Lady Gaga. Hereís a portion of his less than flattering rant against the Mother MonsterÖ
ĒI don't think she lives it because it's all artifice. It's all image with no meaning behind it. You can't sink your teeth into it. It's a sound bite. It's very of this age, because that's what people want. They want a Twitter line, a jpeg, an MP3.Ē

Iím not exactly the worldís biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I fail to see how she deserves this middle finger. Is she a little over the top and ridiculous? Yes. But having someone like her tearing up the charts is far from a new phenomenon. Every generation has pop stars who churn out catchy, danceable songs, and among artists like that, Lady Gaga is far better than average. Sheís not trying to be The Smiths, or At the Drive-In or The Beatles, and her legion of fans donít want her to be any of those things either.

Wishing society would collectively raise the bar is a good thing. Itís one of the reasons Jack White is an interesting and admirable guy, but with all due respect to him, there are far better places to start than with Lady Gaga.
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