Kelsey Grammer is going to be a proud dad…again. The father already has four children from three previous relationships. He’s even a granddad to 28 year-old Spencer’s child, Emmett. Now, he’s ready to dive into another round of child rearing with his wife of one year, Kayte Walsh.

Grammer, 56, and his 32 year-old wife made the pregnancy announcement a few days ago. Walsh is actually already in her second trimester, so her upcoming due date will be sooner than you would think. However, having a fairly quick pregnancy is not the big surprise. According to People, Walsh is actually expecting twins.

That means four cute little feet, and four cute little hands, and double the nights of staying up to calm the little cuties. However, I’m sure with Grammer’s experience coupled with Walsh’s desire for kids, the couple will be up to the challenge. Indeed, Walsh announced a pregnancy back in 2010, only to lose her baby due to a miscarriage. She clearly was ready to have children, and it’s good to hear she is well into her pregnancy, as well as up and about and attending events, like last night’s Golden Globes ceremony. Grammer seems just as happy about the prospect of twins.
"I'm really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals.”

Two kids on her hands will definitely keep the couple busy over the next few years. Pop Blend would like to wish the happy couple the best of luck during the remainder of the pregnancy.



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