Lindsay Lohan may have told friends in recent weeks that she’s trying to turn her life around, but if this news item is any indication, it is business as usual for the Mean Girls star. The actress’ new attorney, Mark Heller, reportedly submitted paperwork to a judge in Los Angeles saying his client is too sick to fly back for her court date tomorrow and will remain in New York despite the fact that she was explicitly told to attend in person.

According to TMZ, Heller passed along a doctor’s note saying Lindsay has an upper respiratory infection and an article from The New York Post detailing the recent flu epidemic in New York City. Unfortunately for Lindsay, she was photographed just a few days ago in good spirits and shopping in SoHo, which doesn’t exactly provide evidence for her “sickness”. Plus, given her extensive money problems, shopping is probably the last thing she should be doing right now.

Whether the judge accepts the doctor’s note or not, what Lindsay doesn’t seem to understand is that this hurts her either way. She should be bending over backwards to be fifteen minutes early and put on the most careful front possible. Instead, she recently fired her well-respected attorney and replaced her with Heller, who ordinarily practices law in New York, and now, she’s apparently decided not to show up for court.

If the judge gets frustrated enough, she can have Lindsay arrested. I don’t think we’re at that point yet, but the actress is certainly grinding up next to the line.



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