Lindsay Lohan's Attorney Is Confident His Client Will Walk In Assault Case

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Lindsay Lohan didnít go to court this morning to get an update on her pending misdemeanor assault case, but her attorney did and he both entered and left a very confident man. Apparently, a random witness has come forward unrelated to anyone involved who told the presiding attorneys that the actress did not slap or hit the fortune teller during the altercation at the club that night.

The incident in question went down on November 29th at Avenue nightclub. Lindsay was hanging out with Max from the Wanted when some kind of disagreement broke out between her and the supposed victim, Tiffany Mitchell. Initially, rumors flew that the confrontation was over a boy, but in the days that followed, a whole separate allegation about a stolen purse emerged.

According to E! Online, Lindsayís attorney Mark Heller told reporters this morning that heís very confident the case will not move forward, both because of this new witness and because a separate fortune teller said 2013 would be a lucky year for his client. On paper, that sounds like a joke, but given Lindsayís utterly bizarre history, you never know.

Everyone involved has been in contact with police, but no formal charges have yet been drawn up. Heller simply signed some paperwork for his client today, but if the case does move forward, Lohan would need to get more present and involved. Weíll keep you updated. Until then, consult your own fortune teller to find out whether 2013 will also be lucky for you.
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