Lindsay Lohan Fails To Show For Deposition Again

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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At some point or another, most celebrities have to deal with getting sued over something sketchy. Back in 2010, Lindsay Lohan was in the passengerís seat of a car her assistant was driving when it made contact with a photographer. Exactly how injured the random guy, Grigor Balyan, may have gotten is a hotly debated fact, but regardless, he went to the hospital and filed a lawsuit. Since then, lawyers for Balyan (and Lindsayís own attorney) have been trying to get her to show up for a deposition, but sheís repeatedly blown off all the scheduled appointments. The latest date for the sit-down was yesterday, and, of course, it came and passed without any sight of the Mean Girls actress.

According to TMZ, Balyanís attorneys are planning to head to court this week to try and get a judge to compel Lohan to show up under threat of forfeiting the case. Since an automatic forfeiture is the last thing a defendant would want in a case they consider meritless, Lindsay needs to get her act together and make sure that doesnít happen. Itís always better to swallow oneís pride and win than act above a situation and lose. Besides, itís not as if she can afford a healthy judgment to drop against her at this point.

Most of us are predisposed to blowing of situations we donít want to deal with. At some point, however, we all need to grow the hell up and realize handling things immediately reduces stress in the long run. Lohan has enough on her plate right now. Hereís to hoping she disposes of this clutter sooner rather than later.
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