Lindsay Lohan may have unceremoniously dumped her longtime attorney Shawn Holley yesterday, but luckily for her, the litigator doesn’t hold a very good grudge. Lohan was due in court today to answer the outstanding charges against her, and with her new attorney still in New York, Holley had to go plead “not guilty” for her.

According to TMZ, the judge asked Holley whether she was still representing Lindsay, and she said they’re all currently figuring the situation out but for the moment yes. Translation: Lindsay fired her, probably freaked out when she found out she was supposed to go to court and now they’re in some weird litigation gray area that Holley is allowing to continue because she feels a begrudging sense of responsibility for the actress after representing her for years.

Lohan really needs to work on her impulsivity. Had Holley not been overly generous here, she would have wound up with no representation in court and a bench warrant would have been issued for her arrest. Even worse, it would have made prosecutors unlikely to even consider a settlement, and considering the evidence against her, chances of her serving real jail time would have sharply increased.

Lindsay is scheduled to return to court on January 30th. It’s unlikely Holley will be by her side when that happens. We’ll keep you updated. Until then, here’s to hoping Lohan doesn’t make any more huge impulsive decisions.



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