Oprah may no longer be the media powerhouse she was a few years ago, but man does she know how to get attention when she needs it. Next Sunday, she'll have the first post-rehab interview with Lindsay Lohan on Oprah's Next Chapter, the talk show that's usually our sad, under-watched facsimile of the good old Oprah days. In this preview you see above Oprah lobs some tough questions Lindsay's way, and all we see for a response is the actress looking sad or baffled, probably straining to come up with a response other than "Yeah, it sucks to be considered washed up at 27. Next question?"

This interview will be just the beginning of the Lohan coverage on OWN, with a eight-part documentary series about her efforts to get back into acting scheduled to come next. She's off to a pretty good start on the acting front, actually, earning some major praise for her performance in The Canyons, the new movie that pairs her up with porn star James Deen and is now available to watch on VOD. Of course, everything else in The Canyons has generally been critically savaged, but it's at least a step up from her cameo in Scary Movie 5. The first step in reclaiming your career is getting out of bed with Charlie Sheen. The second is getting interrogated by Oprah.

But can she really restart a legitimate acting career while also showing up on OWN every week in a docu-series about trying to start that very career? Starring as yourself on television has been a surefire route to fame for plenty of people, from Heidi and Spencer way back in the day to the Kardashians, but it usually leads to the kind of fame that Lohan has more than enough of-- court dates, rehab, a lot of people shaking their heads about the wasted talent. Lohan has proven over and over again that she's a fiercely talented actress with horrible habits and genuine addictions; if that's what the Oprah series will reveal as well, is it going to show anything new to help Lohan actually change?

For all we know, this latest stint in rehab was the one that fixed her for good, and teaming up with Oprah will get Lohan on the road toward recovery she's been skating away from for nearly a decade. But we've had this conversation before, about other troubled starlets and especially about Lohan. Even if next Sunday's interview with Oprah is a smashing success, she's still got a long way to go toward actual recovery-- and a docu-series isn't likely to be what gets her there.

Is the Lindsay Lohan OWN docu-series a good idea?



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