Lindsay Lohan's Own Attorney Chews Her Out In Court For Failing To Appear

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Lindsay Lohan is used to getting accused of misbehavior in courtrooms, but very rarely does the finger-pointing come from her own lawyer. Unfortunately for the actress, thatís exactly who was lobbing the allegations earlier this week when attorney Julia Azrael told the judge Lohan has repeatedly blown her off every time sheís tried to arrange meetings to get the deposition taken care of.

The case in question traces itself all the way back to 2010 when LiLoís assistant allegedly drove into a photographer named Grigor Balyan while leaving a nightclub in Hollywood. He later filed a lawsuit against Lohan who was in the passengerís seat, but since then, the Mean Girls star has repeatedly refused to sit down with Balyanís attorney, leading the litigator to ask the court to fine Lohan and Azrael.

According to TMZ, it was that request that convinced Azrael to flip over on her own client since obviously, she doesnít think she should be fined for someone elseís shadiness. If sheís to be believed, both Lohan and Lohanís new attorney Mark Heller are intentionally avoiding this case and want nothing to do with it.

I get why Lohan isnít exactly pumped about appearing. This incident happened three years ago, and she wasnít even driving at the time. Iím sure she thinks itís a meritless lawsuit, but sheís only making the situation worse by not showing up.
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