Lindsay Lohan has refused to comment publically on the girl science recently revealed to be her half-sister, but that doesn’t mean the actress doesn’t have plenty of private feelings about the matter. She’s apparently been well aware of the girl’s existence and their potential relation for awhile but had no idea her father Michael had agreed to a paternity test until the results became front page headlines. Now, that he has, she’s reportedly trying to distance herself from the situation.

According to TMZ, Lindsay thinks her family life has turned into a circus. She’s apparently done having a relationship with her father and has no interest in ever getting to know his love child, especially since Ashley was conceived while Michael was still married to Dina. She reportedly knows it’s not the half-sister’s fault but is still convinced having a relationship or even meeting is not in her best interests.

On the one hand, it’s completely understandable Lindsay wouldn’t want to get involved with her father’s bullshit. Both of her parents have selfishly made her life more difficult over the years, and she’s better off just trying to be happy without them. On the other hand, it’s kind of a slap in the face to her half-sister that she never has any interest in even meeting her. She grew up without a father and without many of the comforts Lindsay did.

We’ll keep you updated if Lohan’s opinions change in the coming weeks.



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