Lindsay Lohan might not be ready to check into rehab, but the troubled actress has come to the realization that the wheels have fallen off. She’s reportedly been telling her lawyer and those closest to her that she really needs to start going to therapy regularly to work on her propensity to make impulsive decisions.

According to TMZ, Lindsay thinks she foolishly started hanging out with the wrong types of people after she turned her life around earlier this year, and eventually, those poor influences started affecting her personal choices. In retrospect, she supposedly thinks the worst move she made was abandoning counseling once she fulfilled the number of sessions she had to do for the court.

I definitely agree that Lohan would probably benefit from further counseling, but considering almost all of her run-ins with the law came after she stayed out extremely late, that’s definitely an element she should look into. Judge Sautner previously told her she’d be fine if she avoided nightclubbing. Obviously, she didn’t pay attention to that advice in the least.

The next time Lindsay goes in front of a judge, it will be to discuss whether or not she violated her probation with her recent behavior. Even if she did, it will still be up to the judge to decide whether or not she should go to jail, get counseling or receive some sort of other punishment. If the actress puts herself in counseling prior to the hearing, that should look good.

We'll keep you updated. Until then, if you know a good psychologist in the Los Angeles area, get in touch with LiLo's people.



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