Lindsay Lohan owes the government a whole lot of money, but if all goes well, her debt shouldn’t remain on the books very long. The IRS is claiming the actress shortchanged the organization ninety-three thousand dollars in 2009, but she apparently had no idea of the situation. Like most celebrities, she employs a team of accountants and business managers to shore up her finances and take care of her bills. One of them messed up the total or willingly decided not to pay however, which led the government to place a lien against her.

Some unnamed sources close to Lindsay spoke to TMZ about the misunderstanding, and they claim she recently switched over to a mostly new management team. That upheaval very well could have been responsible for the unpaid taxes, but regardless of what happened, she’s instructed her new moneymen to handle the issue promptly. If there’s one thing Hollywood stars should know by now, it’s the government doesn’t typically dance around on tax issues. Agents will take your house or worse, throw you in jail.

Most people are normally quick to come down on Lohan because of some bad decisions she’s made, but I, for one, completely understand how this could happen. I’m not sure anyone thinks Lindsay is filling out her own W2 forms, and if you hire someone else for the job, I can see how the situation would be out of sight, out of mind.

Luckily for Lindsay, she shouldn’t have any trouble footing this bill.



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