We’re a day away from the premiere of the Lifetime original movie Liz & Dick, and the behind the scenes production gossip is spewing out a frantic rate. From tardiness to general worry over what might happen, much of the trials of working with Lindsay Lohan mirror those of working with other impulsive, high profile actors, at least except for one strange detail.

Executive producer Larry Thompson recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and it turns out he had to reach out to Lloyd’s Of London to protect the entire production in case things went really far south with the troubled actress…
”If we couldn’t have gotten insurance, there would have been no movie. We wound up having to go to Lloyd’s of London to get what we called incarceration insurance.”

At the start of production, Lohan was on probation for her jewelry theft conviction. The worry was that if she violated her probation, she could have been sent to jail immediately, which would have thrown a wrench into the entire project, forcing producers to either wait for her or recast and basically start over.

As it turns out, that fear wasn’t far-fetched. Lindsay reportedly lied to police about an automobile accident, and rumors are flying that she may be officially charged with violating her probation within the next few weeks.

The incarceration insurance reveal along with all of the other juicy tidbits have proven to be great publicity for the film, but it still feels like there’s something inappropriate about sharing them. After all, Lindsay did work on the movie, and as much trouble as she might have been, she did show up enough to get the job done.

What do you think? Is it right for the producers to use Linday’s problems to generate publicity for Liz & Dick? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is It Right For Producers To Spill Lohan-Related Secrets?

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