Podcasts are radio at its finest. As such, they should be lauded and enjoyed, and most importantly shared. I am an official podcast connoisseur, listening in only the fanciest of rooms with the fanciest of headsets. These shows come in such varied flavors that anyone can find something to like. While we continue many of my own personal favorite shows, this is about exploring new shows as much as sharing old ones. From the dreadfully popular to the freaky basement recordings of strangers, welcome to Podcap. This week we visit with The Alton Browncast, for the episode “Donatella Arpaia,” released February 14, 2014.

Wait, who’s this food nerd?
I have to admit that this podcast is one I’d been waiting for since Good Eats went off the air. Some way to get more Alton Brown, whether via radio or other media, is something I’d wanted. Alton Brown is one of a few people directly responsible for me now being a sous chef in a from scratch kitchen. As a kid I watched in awe each week as Alton explained, using common sense and some science, how food worked and what made it tick. Alton wouldn’t call himself a chef, he’s a cook. But in my mind, anyone who has the wherewithal to lead people in the ways of cooking is chef material. He may not be a chef, in any direct form, but Alton Brown will always be one of my chefs in my professional career.

Good Eats in Audio Form?
Not even close. That wouldn’t work in any understandable form. Although I guess it would be akin to the style of Comedy Bang Bang with people playing characters. No, The Alton Browncast is a very casual conversation show littered with tidbits from the olden days of Good Eats. Guests are often those known to Alton fans, which means those from Kitchen Stadium, the actors from Good Eats, and others.

The guests are those that Alton knows and finds interesting, so if you like him you’ll like the show. So far, he hasn’t ventured too far beyond his circle of colleagues, except on a few occasions. That makes the episodes feel more like a couple of old friends talking than someone exploring another person. This will have to eventually run out if the Browncast continues on, but for now part of the show’s charm is that you get to hear Alton be candid with people from the Good Eats days.



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