Lindsay Lohan will have plenty of time to think while she hangs out in the Betty Ford Clinic for the next three months, and if she has any common sense, she’ll devote some of those cranial minutes to mentally appreciating her on-again-off-again attorney Shawn Holley. The former OJ lawyer/ well-respected California litigator kept the Mean Girls actress from getting the book thrown at her for years until she was unceremoniously dumped for a cheaper borderline incompetent attorney. Earlier this week, she made a triumphant return to keep her longtime client out of jail, but don’t think her primary motivator was altruism.

According to TMZ, before Holley agreed to officially return as Lohan’s lawyer, she worked out a strict payment schedule in order to get paid not only for her current and future services but also for the work she’s done in the past. As per the agreement, some of Lindsay’s future earnings checks will be given directly to Holley. That will allow her to be guaranteed payment, yet still allow the star to receive some of her checks in their entirety.

Given all of her financial problems, it’s easy to see why Lindsay thought moving in a different direction from Holley was the right idea, but there are some expenses that are definitely worth the money. Giving yourself the best possible chance to stay out of jail is one of those solid expenses, and it’s more than worth a few less purchases at luxurious clothing stores.

Here’s to hoping Holley doesn’t have to do a whole lot of legal work for Lohan moving forward. After all, the cheapest lawyer is always the one you don’t need.



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