Watch This Dude Read 50 Shades Of Grey As Shatner, Yoda And 48 Others

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Doing a celebrity voice correctly isnít enough to make a video go viral. There are too many good impressionists releasing content out there. Consequently, the footage either needs to include a very funny premise, or it needs to be a highlight video of many quick, well-executed impersonations strung together. This one has both.

Brock Bakerís new eight minute plus clip is entitled Fifty Impressions Of Grey, and it features impressions of fifty different celebrities or characters reading excerpts from Fifty Shades Of Grey. Itís shocking, fast-paced and quite funny. Take a look at the footage belowÖ

One of the reasons why this video works so well is, despite all the crazy hoopla surrounding it, a lot of people actually have not read Fifty Shades Of Grey. That makes the material consistently shocking, and of course, the heavy reliance on animated characters hammers home a juxtaposition.

Clearly, this highlight tape was edited down from a very long sequence. Thus, I wonder how many impressions he did before narrowing down the choices to fifty. Which classic characters were left on the cutting room floor? Alas, weíll likely never know.

Luckily, he churns out videos all the time, and seeing how successful this one has been, it wouldnít be a shock if he films a Fifty More More Impressions Of Grey at some point.
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