Have you ever parallel parked into a tiny space on the first try and experienced a noticeable confidence boost throughout the rest of the day? I have, and I’m definitely not the only one. I’ve listened to plenty of sweet driving maneuver stories from friends and family members, but sadly, I’m not sure I’ve ever known anyone that’s calmly dominated a behind the wheel situation as much as the guy in the following video.

Heading up a hill in South Korea, this dude, referred to as “Daddy” in the description, notices a giant truck sliding toward his vehicle. Rather than panicking, he calmly backs up, reverse turns onto a side street and watches the thundering death machine race by him. The madness was caught on tape via the driver’s dashboard camera, and not surprisingly, he posted it on the Internet. Take a look at the greatness below…

I really wish there was sound on this clip. I’d like to know whether the driver and/ or any passengers in the car were screaming their heads off or whether emotions were as collected and routine as the vehicular maneuver itself. I’m not sure whether it would alter my opinion of the situation in the least, but I’d still like to know if there was a contrast or not.

Regardless, this driver deserves a few pats on the back, or, if his wife was in the car, you-just-saved-our-lives sex.



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