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Apparently Kathy Griffin Is No Longer Sorry For The Decapitated Donald Trump Image

Sorry, but Kathy Griffin isn't sorry any longer. Find out why she's changed her tune on the viral image that cost her nearly everything.

Watch The Rock Hilariously Take Credit For The Eclipse

Dwayne Johnson must have been sent from heaven when he heard about a heavenly body causing an eclipse. See the hilarious video.

Jennifer Aniston Is Tired Of All Those Articles Claiming She’s Pregnant

Jennifer Aniston is taking back her narrative and tearing down the tabloids for saying she's expecting.

How A Giant Fart Ended Up In A Backstreet Boys Song

It sounds like Backstreet Boys had a gas working on this particular song. Here's what happened.

Paris Jackson Is Back To Going Topless In Latest Pic

Paris Jackson left her shirt at home for some private spiritual time alone (with her millions of followers on social media).

One Amazing Couple Has Visited Nearly Every Cracker Barrel In America

This couple is on a quest to visit every Cracker Barrel and, apparently, make everybody smile along the way.

Ariel Winter Has A New Back Tattoo, Goes Pantless To Show It Off

Apparently, Ariel Winter had ants in her pants about showing off this tattoo.

Shia LaBeouf Has Apologized For His Rant Against Cops

Shia LaBeouf seeks forgiveness after blowing up at the police who arrested him in Georgia.

A Local Wendy's Is Feuding With A Nearby Business, And The Results Are Hilarious

A local Wendy's restaurant is beefing with this friendly rival.

Jerry Seinfeld Just Shared Why He Refused To Hug Kesha

No hug for you! Here's what Jerry Seinfeld had to say about giving Kesha the cold shoulder.

A Peacock Just Caused $500 In Damage At A Liquor Store

Have you heard the one about the peacock that walked into a liquor store?

A Zookeeper Was Killed In A Freak Tiger Accident

Staff members at the zoo are devastated in the aftermath of the terrifying ordeal.

Lady Gaga Is Apparently Into Topless Cooking, Here's The Evidence

Lady Gaga was so busy cooking up a storm she forgot to wear a shirt.

Delta Is Working On Facial Recognition Software To Help Make Flying Easier

Smile! You're on camera. Delta Airlines plans to unveil facial recognition technology this year.

Paris Jackson Loves Being Naked, And She's Not Afraid To Show It

Paris Jackson knows there are no wardrobe malfunctions when you don't wear clothes.

Watch North West Scream At Members Of The Paparazzi

North West has had it with the pictures. Check out the toddler's temper tantrum.

Watch A Cam Girl Get Bitten By A Shark While Filming Porn

Go ahead and add this to the list of potential porn fetishes. A cam girl filming for CamSoda during it's first live underwater broadcast attempt was attacked by a shark, despite filming a segment in a cage.

Watch This Pilot Shower His One Millionth Passenger With Gifts

Restore your confidence in airline employees with this feel-good video of a pilot marking a milestone by treating a passenger like a star.

Miley Cyrus Just Explained Why She Does The Tongue Thing

is Miley Cyrus's tongue pose may not be about what you think it is.

Why 'NSYNC's It's Gonna Be Me Gets An April Spike Every Year

NSYNC may no longer be a band, but the group still enjoys one big spike a year.

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