Arrow Could Still Bring Constantine Back image
When Constantine was on the air, there were talks of the lead character appearing on an episode of Arrow. Although the NBC series has since been cancelled, there may still a chance of seeing the chain-smoking occultist on the CW series.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-16
Arrow Is Bringing Back This Deceased Character In Season 4 image
Arrow Season 3 spoilers ahead! The upcoming The Flash/Arrow spinoff Legends of Tomorrow is already raising a few questions as it relates to its lead characters. Here's what we learned at the press roundtables at Comic-Con last weekend.
Kelly West 2015-07-15
Further Evidence Oliver Queen Is About To Become Green Arrow image
There’s one thing that’s been missing from Oliver Queen’s superhero ensemble for the past three years on Arrow: a certain color. Fortunately for fans, it’s looking more likely that Oliver will finally become Green Arrow in Season 4.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-14
Arrow Will Feature Magic In Season 4 image
Arrow Season 3 introduced mysticism through Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins, and when the show returns in October, fans will see the universe focusing more on aspects that can't be explained by science.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-12
Arrow Update: When Will Oliver Find Out About His Child? Here's What Stephen Amell Says image
Arrow spoilers ahead (Seasons 2, 3)! Oliver Queen has a child, that much we know. But Oliver doesn’t. This plot twist was introduced in the second season of Arrow and barely explored, let alone resolved.
Kelly West 2015-07-12
When Arrow And The Flash's Next Big Crossover Event Will Take Place image
All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. And by “all of this,” I mean an Arrow/The Flash crossover event, much like we saw last season. Fans may have guessed another two-parter was coming, and now we have the details.
Kelly West 2015-07-12
Arrow Season 4 Reveals Diggle's Big Character Change image
To this point in the show, pretty much everyone on Team Arrow has gotten their chance to throw on their own super suit – and it seems that David Ramsey’s chance is finally coming in Arrow Season 4. This was officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con this evening, where brand new concept art of Diggle’s new costume was revealed.
Eric Eisenberg 2015-07-11
See Arrow's Badass New Costume For Season 4 image
Arrow just revealed Oliver Queen's new suit for the upcoming fourth season of the CW series during the DC Entertainment Event in Hall H at Comic-Con tonight. Check it out in all its badassness ahead...
Kelly West 2015-07-11
Arrow Season 4 Adds Neal McDonough As Series Regular Villain image
Marvel fans are familiar with actor Neal McDonough as the mustachioed, bowler hat wearing Dum Dum Dugan in the MCU. Now McDonough is jumping over to the world of DC by joining Arrow as Season 4’s main antagonist.
Adam Holmes 2015-07-10
See Flash And Arrow's Amazing Costumes And Gadgets On Display At Comic-Con image
As you might have guessed, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are not the only DC heroes being represented on the convention floor of at San Diego Comic-Con. The small screen versions of Flash and Arrow are also sharing the spotlight as well, and we got some great shots of what they have on display!
Eric Eisenberg 2015-07-08
Arrow Season 4: Stephen Amell Teases Different Elements image
When Season 3 of Arrow wrapped up Oliver Queen and Felicity were riding off into the sunset while the rest of his friends and family stayed behind to protect Starling City. While we know that some things will need to change for the show to remain Arrow we got some recent hints from the man under the hood as to what to expect from Season 4.
Dirk Libbey 2015-07-05
Will The Canary Sisters Reunite In Arrow Season 4? image
Before Sara Lance stars in Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow viewers may get to see her and Laurel together again in Season 4, though not necessarily under the best of circumstances.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-22
Arrow's Season 4 Premiere Will Feature Some Jaw-Dropping Shocks image
Details have been scarce on what to expect in Arrow Season 4 and what the hero will be up to in quasi-retirement. But according to series lead Stephen Amell, fans can look forward to some shocking moments in the season premiere.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-19
Arrow May Be Adding A Key Villain For Season 4 image
Oliver Queen has faced his fair share of villains on Arrow over the years, and when Arrow Season 4 kicks off, Oliver Queen be facing possibly his most intimidating adversary yet. What's more, it could be someone fans have already heard about.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-12
Legends Of Tomorrow: How The Lazarus Pit Will Affect White Canary image
After an extended absence from the world of superheroes, Sara Lance will return to the land of the living in next year’s Arrow/The Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, but her revival in the Lazarus Pit will come at a cost.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-09
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