Arrow Season 3, Episode 21 Watch: DCU Connections And Easter Eggs image
Now that “Al Sah-him’ is over, there are only two Arrows left in the quiver. The superhero series’ third season has been a struggle but this week was excellent, easily the best installment of so far this year. And there were also a few intriguing easter eggs...
Jesse Carp 2015-04-30
The Flash And Arrow Spinoff Just Added Another Good Guy To The Mix image
Although the Arrow/The Flash spinoff will be full of familiar faces from both shows, it is also introducing new players to this DC TV universe. The latest character to be announced is fortunately one of the good guys.
Adam Holmes 2015-04-23
How Arrow Will Use The Lazarus Pit Moving Forward image
Last night’s Arrow episode “The Fallen” showed what the Lazarus Pit is capable of. However, how it functions on the TV show will differ from how it is used in the comic books.
Adam Holmes 2015-04-23
Arrow Season 3, Episode 20 Watch: DCU Connections And Easter Eggs image
After the shocking conclusion to last week’s Arrow, it’s not surprising that “The Fallen” was heavy on the emotions and light on the DCU easter eggs. No villain-of-the-week, no crossovers or team-ups, just Team Arrow trying to deal with a dying Thea.
Jesse Carp 2015-04-23
Arrow: All The Steamy Details From The Big Moment image
SPOILERS if you haven't seen this week's episode of Arrow, titled "The Fallen." 
Kelly West 2015-04-22
The Flash And Arrow Spinoff May Finally Have A Real Title This Time image
In the world of modern TV spinoffs, sometimes the name can be just as important as the subject matter involved. When it comes to the upcoming heroes-and-villains offspring of Arrow and The Flash, one unofficial name has joined another, and this one also has major ties to the DC Universe.
Nick Venable 2015-04-20
Arrow Season 3, Episode 19 Watch: DCU Connections And Easter Eggs image
The Arrow took a night off after becoming “Public Enemy” number one but he’s back this week for the first of five uninterrupted episodes. Luckily, The CW’s superhero series is already throwing surprises at the audience fit for a season finale. More on that and the episode’s connections to the DCU inside...
Jesse Carp 2015-04-16
Arrow Lost A Major Character Tonight image
Major spoilers ahead if you haven't watched tonight's episode of Arrow, titled "Broken Arrow"!
Kelly West 2015-04-15
Watch The Flash And Arrow Get Their Own Version Of Fight Club image
The CW decided to advertise the final episodes of Arrow and The Flash's respective seasons by putting together a Fight Club and pro wrestling-inspired promo. It’s everything we want from the spinoff. Check it out, and remember the rules. 
Nick Venable 2015-04-13
The Flash/Arrow Spinoff May Have A Title, Will Apparently Focus On One Character image
After weeks of remaining untitled, we may finally have a title for the Arrow/The Flash spinoff, but what’s odd is that it’s named after just one of the main characters.
Adam Holmes 2015-04-09
10 TV Characters That Need To Be Killed Off image
In this day and age of television, character deaths are a strong form of currency. As such, we’ve put on our most morbid thinking caps and have come up with 10 characters who absolutely need to meet their makers in the very near future.
Nick Venable 2015-04-07
The Clever Plan To Keep Arrow, The Flash And The Spinoff All Connected image
We already know that Arrow and The Flash will be connected to the upcoming spinoff, and Arrow star Stephen Amell just revealed that all three shows are going to maintain a regular level of connectivity than what we're already used to.
Adam Holmes 2015-04-06
Deathstroke Probably Isn't Returning To Arrow, And He's Not Happy About It image
While some fans might be looking forward to Deathstroke coming back to Arrow in a more recurring capacity, it’s looks like that might not be in the cards anymore.
Adam Holmes 2015-04-04
Arrow Won't Be Using A Major Villain Anymore image
The CW’s Arrow finds itself having to dance around the apparently greater forces over at Warner Bros. studios, as they ready their unconnected DC Comics cinematic continuity. Now, it appears that a major villain in the TV seminal vehicle may have found himself a poetically “targeted” casualty of the pop-culture parallels of the upcoming movies.
Joseph Baxter 2015-04-03
Watch Arrow And Atom Team Up In The Latest Trailer image
Arrow’s newest trailer shows us, the action won’t be dying down during Season 3’s final five episodes, so there is plenty to look forward to, including The Arrow and The Atom final joining forces. Take a look!
Adam Holmes 2015-04-02
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