Ricky Gervais May Target Sheen And Gibson At The Golden Globes image
Ricky Gervais is gearing up to host the Golden Globes this weekend and tomorrow he’ll appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about the gig and which celebs he’s targeting for jokes.
Kelly West 2011-01-12
Paula Abdul Chats With Ellen About Judging On American Idol image
Tomorrow on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Paula Abdul is set to appear as one of the guests. Considering both Ellen and Paula served some time at the judges table on American Idol, it’s understandable
Kelly West 2011-01-10
Anderson Cooper's Fox Talk Show Moving Forward image
The still-untitled program has been sold to Fox affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston with scores of other major cities likely to follow. The New York-based series will primarily be geared toward women, who have historically cornered the daytime viewership numbers
Mack Rawden 2010-11-29
Sneak Peek At Barack Obama On The View image
Not only will President Barack Obama be making an appearance on The View tomorrow, but Barbara Walters will be returning for the occasion. More details and some videos from tomorrow’s special episode of The View ahead!
Kelly West 2010-07-28
Glee Cast To Make An Appearance On Oprah In April image
With Fox’s Glee set to return in less than a month, the cast is set to make an appearance on Oprah in April. From the details posted on Oprah’s website, it seems fans will get plenty of Gleeful goodies during the episode.
Kelly West 2010-03-18
Ellen's Talk Show Gets Three More Seasons image
Fans of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show who were concerned that the comedian/host might be done with her show now that she’s taken on the task of helping America find their next Idol can rest assured that Ellen’s not done dancing up a storm on NBC.
Kelly West 2010-02-11
Tyra Banks Quitting Her Talk Show Too image
I'm still trying to wrap my head around what Tyra Banks is thinking in canceling her daytime talk show, as she announced that this will be the last season of The Tyra Show, after five years. With Oprah Winfrey calling it quits, there's going to be a battle royale to find out who's going to be the next queen of daytime, and Tyra had a shot
Jason J. Hughes 2009-12-30
Kate Gosselin To Guest Host On The View image
With Elisabeth Hasselbeck out on maternity leave, the new season of The View is set to feature a number of guest-hosts in her place. Today it was announced that Kate Gosselin will co-host on the morning talk show for two episodes.
Kelly West 2009-08-26
Leah Remini Gets A Daytime Show image
Let’s all give a great big shout for an addition to daytime TV. CBS and Leah Remini are in talks to put the King of Queens star into syndication, though it won’t be a typical talk show format. I love Leah Remini, but is there really a need for yet another show starring the flavor of the month? How many of the great new shows from last year made it half way through the season?
Amanda MacArthur 2008-08-14
Oprah Is Not the Queen Of Daytime TV - Hooray! image
So, who is your favorite TV host? There are so many to choose from – what with the morning shows, daytime shows, late-night shows…how could you narrow it down to just one? A new poll has been released, and the results are very telling.
Amanda Krill 2008-03-26
Say Buh-Bye To The Montel Williams Show…Sort Of image
The Montel Williams Show will end its 17-year run at the end of this season, reports The Hollywood Reporter. And Sony Pictures TV recently announced that it will cease production on its long-time court show Judge Hatchett. So what’s the deal here? Are people getting tired of seeing the scum of the earth air their baggage in the court of public TV?
Jane Louise Boursaw 2008-01-30
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