Stephen King And Steven Spielberg Go Under The Dome At Showtime image
It seems like the most famous man in filmmaking, Steven Spielberg, is taking this turn to producing television seriously. He's dabbled in the medium for a few years now but this year you can see his name in the credits when watching Falling Skies on TNT, or Terra Nova on Fox, or even Smash on NBC. And soon enough you'll see his name in the opening credits to a new Showtime series, right alongside an equally huge name: Stephen King.
Jesse Carp 2011-08-30
Once Upon A Time Finds Its Cinderella image
Once Upon a Time has its Cinderella. Just like the Disney version, sheís a blonde and those of you who caught TNTís new drama series Falling Skies this summer might recognize her face. Word is, Jessy Schram has signed on to join the fairy-tale-themed drama series on ABC.
Kelly West 2011-08-15
Falling Skies Watch: Episode 8 - What Hides Beneath image
For the past five weeks, I've tuned into Falling Skies not expecting much more than a fun sci-fi show with a heart and some solid action scenes. I never really expected the series to thrill or move me in any significant way, especially during this first season. But that changed this week
Mike Moody 2011-08-01
Teen Choice 2011 Nominations: Summer Shows And Breakout Stars image
Summer shows deserve love too, right? Fox posted more nominees for the 2011 Teen Choice Awards and among the added categories are Choice Summer TV Show, and Choice Summer TV Star (Male/Female). ABC Familyís The Nine Lives of Chloe King also managed to score some nominations for Choice Breakout Show, and Breakout Star.
Kelly West 2011-07-19
Falling Skies Watch: Episode 6 - Sanctuary, Part 1 image
Falling Skies carried on with its usual uneven pattern of forced sentimentality and expert suspense with this week's game-changing episode, the first of a two-parter. This hour was all setup for what's to come next week, but 'Sanctuary, Part 1' still proved to be one of the most interesting and intriguing episodes of the season.
Mike Moody 2011-07-18
Falling Skies Watch: Episode 5 - Silent Kill image
Falling Skies works best when the story centers on Tom (Noah Wyle) and his three sons. Correction -- the show works best when the story centers on Tom and his oldest son, Hal (Drew Roy). From the very beginning, the heart of the show has always been Tom's relationship with Hal
Mike Moody 2011-07-11
TNT Renews Falling Skies For Season 2 image
If youíve been enjoying TNTís drama series Falling Skies, thereís good news! The skies will continue to fall for a second season. TNT made the official announcement today that the alien-invasion drama series will be back for more next summer.
Kelly West 2011-07-07
Falling Skies Watch: Episode 4 - Grace image
We learned more about the Skitters and their creepy connection to Earth's children on one of the most intriguing and disturbing episodes of TNT's Falling Skies yet. But before we dive into the episode's plot, I want to bring up something that's been bugging me about this show from the start.
Mike Moody 2011-07-03
Falling Skies Starts Strong, But Will Viewers Stay Hooked? image
Falling Skies earned solid ratings numbers for its series premiere, suggesting that TV viewers are still hungry for quality, arc-driven sci-fi. The TNT drama, produced by Steven Spielberg, earned 5.9 million viewers for its two-hour series opener on Sunday night.
Mike Moody 2011-06-20
Falling Skies Premiere Watch: Live And Learn, The Armory image
Falling Skies, the new alien invasion series produced by Steven Spielberg (and other people), dropped us right in the middle of the action during its solid, if not amazing, two-hour series premiere. There was no cryptic buildup to the Earth-shattering events that define the show's world, and there was no stale origin story to eat up the first half hour.
Mike Moody 2011-06-20
Falling Skies Review: Series Premiere image
In a summer thatís bringing you interesting film with Super 8 Ė another Spielberg project Ė you wouldnít think to look to your television for a new summer blockbuster. Thatís exactly what TNT is putting forth.
Steve West 2011-06-17
Critics' Choice TV Awards Announce Most Exciting New Series Contenders  image
Earlier this week I posted the nominees for the inaugural Critics' Choice Television Awards, but there was an interesting category for which they couldn't tell us the nominees just yet. The category in question is the "Most Exciting New Series" award, which will promote, as the title suggests, brand-new series this season that deserve early recognition.
Jesse Carp 2011-06-10
Wonder Con Video Blog: Falling Skies Shows Off Aliens, Explosions And Much More image
When you're making a television series about an alien invasion and have Steven Spielberg attached as an executive producer, you are going to get a lot of people interested, particularly the crowds at a convention like WonderCon. Such is the case for the new TNT series Falling Skies, which showed off brand new footage during a panel yesterday during the San Francisco event.
Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-02
Latest Trailer For TNT's Falling Skies image
Either TNTís upcoming alien invasion series Falling Skies is going to be really good or this latest trailer is a huge over-sell. Iím really hoping itís not the latter because having watched this video, which includes the cast talking about the show along with footage of some of the action and drama, my hopes are set really high.
Kelly West 2011-03-29
TNT Summer 2011 Schedule: Premieres Include Falling Skies And Legal Drama Starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar image
TNTís already gearing up for the summer. While June is still months away, the cable network has announced the schedule for their new and returning original series. This includes the legal drama Franklin & Bash starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and the much anticipated Falling Skies.
Kelly West 2011-03-10
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