Shameless Season 3 Finale Clips Reveal Celebrations And More Drama For The Gallaghers image
Am I alone in feeling emotionally beat up after last night's episode of Shameless? Things have taken some dark turns this season, and based on the promo for next Sunday night's Season 3 finale, the hard times aren't over. But the Gallaghers are survivors, right? There's nothing they can't overcome. Or this is my lame attempt at being optimistic that somehow they're going to come out of this season on a positive note.
Kelly West 2013-04-01
Shameless Preview Shows Troubled Waters For Jimmy And Fiona image
In the clip, Fiona confronts her man about his move to Michigan and whether or not he has been lying to her. As usual, he wasn’t lying, exactly, but he failed to mention the full truth, as well. For the past three seasons, Shameless fans have dealt with this same nonsense from Jimmy’s end. The man’s behaved poorly and then made amends for that behavior more times than I can count, but sometimes I wonder why Fiona doesn’t just quit talking to him for good.
Jessica Rawden 2013-03-21
Shameless Season 3, Episode 7: A Long Way From Home Promo Reveals A Dramatic Moment image
You know what I love about Shameless? As funny as it is, the series has a fantastic cast of characters, who have all proven to be capable of handling the important dramatic moments that occasionally work their way into the otherwise wacky and unpredictable plot. William H. Macy might be near the top of that list, but considering Fiona is the true grown-up in this story, Emmy Rossum takes the prize for some of the more memorable intensely emotional scenes. The preview for next Sunday's episode glimpses a moment with that kind of potential.
Kelly West 2013-02-25
Shameless Season 3 Cascading Failures Preview Shows A Gallagher In Big Trouble image
Shameless' third season has been just one great episode after another. Last night's installment left us with a pretty big game-changer for the Gallagher family. But we've seen this family struggle before and they always come through it. It's just a matter of how and at what cost (and whether the outcome makes us want to laugh or cry). Read no further if you aren't caught up through Episode 5 ("The Sins of My Caretaker")! And if you are, check out the preview for next Sunday's "Cascading Failures."
Kelly West 2013-02-18
Shameless, House of Lies And Californication All Renewed For New Seasons In 2014 image
Showtime's dramedy trio Shameless, House of Lies and Californication had cause to celebrate earlier this month when all three series returned with new seasons to higher numbers. I'm sure Showtime's free preview weekend didn't hurt in that regard, but there's even more cause to celebrate as Showtime has decided to renew all three shows. And that includes Californication, which means Hank Moody will follow in the footsteps of Dexter Morgan as a Showtime character that's surpassing six seasons of existence.
Kelly West 2013-01-29
Shameless Season 3 Premiere: Watch The Full Episode Here image
Showtime's anticipated free preview weekend just took place, and included the season premieres of Shameless, House of Lies and Californication. Not only was the pay cable channel gracious enough to time the returns of three of their shows with a couple of days of complimentary service, but they've also made a couple of the premieres available online. Check out the Season 3 premiere of Shameless ahead!
Kelly West 2013-01-14
Showtime Schedules Free Preview Weekend In Time For Californication Premiere image
Hot off a couple of explosive episodes of two of their original dramas and in anticipation of the premieres of some of their comedies, Showtime is giving non-subscribers a glance at the goods next month with a free preview weekend. The premium cable channel has timed it to coincide with the premieres of Shameless, House of Lies and Californication.
Kelly West 2012-12-20
Shameless Season 3 Trailer Shows The Gallaghers Living The American Dream image
The Gallaghers return with the third season premiere of Shameless next month, and based on the trailer for Season 3, the dysfunctional Chicago family is up to its old tricks… and some new ones! As the trailer puts it, the Gallaghers are just a family trying to live the American dream one scheme at a time.
Kelly West 2012-12-10
Bradley Whitford To Guest Star On Shameless In Season 3 image
Recently, you may have caught Bradley Whitford in The Cabin in the Woods, and soon you’ll be able to catch him in Showtime’s Shameless, too--that is, provided you have a subscription to the pay-cable network. Whitford is set for a multi-episode arc in the series, and it sounds like he’ll be playing a type of person who may be a little out of his element on the Showtime program.
Jessica Grabert 2012-10-02
Californication Season 6, Shameless Season 3 And House Of Lies Season 2 Premiere Dates Set image
Showtime has Dexter and Homeland on deck to return later this month, but those hoping to know when they'll catch a sight of Hank Moody, Marty Kaan or the Gallaghers are in luck! The good news is, the dates have been set for the return of Californication, House of Lies and Shameless. Of course, we still have a few more months to wait for their premieres.
Kelly West 2012-09-17
Comic Con Videos Showcase Game Of Thrones, Dexter And Shameless Panels image
August is nearly here and at this point, Comic Con is pretty firmly in the rearview, but we're still seeing some coverage of the event make its way online. Today, that comes in the form of two videos, one of which showcases Showtime's presence at the San Diego-set convention, while the other gives us a look at Game of Thrones' panel and booth signings, in addition to some of the cast and George R.R. Martin's comments on their experience at the convention.
Kelly West 2012-07-27
Showtime Releases Dexter, Episodes, Shameless And House Of Lies Memes For Comic Con image
Just when you thought that Comedy Central had successfully run memes as a marketing strategy into the ground while advertising the seventh season of Futurama, Showtime released their internet-inspired San Diego Comic-Con campaign. Whether they are making the trip to the convention or not, several of the networks' original series - including Episodes, Shameless, House of Lies and Dexter - have been given a few designs to litter across the event.
Jesse Carp 2012-07-05
Take A Look At Jenna Elfman In The Shameless Season Finale image
The show is wrapping up its current season with tomorrow night's finale, and they're bringing in at least one recognizable guest star. Dharma & Greg's Jenna Elfman will be putting in an appearance, and has posted a first look at her in character.
David Wharton 2012-03-31
Showtime's Sunday Episode Of Shameless Breaks Ratings Records image
What was different about Monday’s Shameless episode was its ratings, which broke multiple records last night. The freshman run of last night’s episode, “Parenthood,” brought in more viewers than any other in the show’s two season run, bringing in 1.6 million viewers. Later in the evening, when the show re-ran, it brought in even more viewers, putting the total for the night at 2.12 million viewers.
Jessica Grabert 2012-03-06
Zach McGowan To Be Series Regular In Shameless' Third Season image
Showtime's Shameless has become one of my favorite shows, so it was great to hear that the cable net has already given the Gallagher clan an early renewal for season three. Now actor Zach McGowan, who plays recovering sex addict/Karen love interest Jody, has been promoted to a series regular for the upcoming third season.
David Wharton 2012-02-15
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