Supernatural Season 10 Premiere Watch: Everything Is Different Now For Sam And Dean image
Supernatural kicked off its tenth season with a six-week time jump and an intimate story that moved last seasonís cliffhanger forward in a compelling way while failing to launch any big storylines. This was new territory for a show that religiously uses premieres to show the audience a glimpse of where theyíre going in the episodes to come. What we found in ďBlackĒ was our favorite characters in vastly different places than where we left them.
Josh Raymer 2014-10-08
The Flash Review: The Superhero Series Is Bright, Colorful And Fun  image
The CW has a surprisingly good track-record adapting super-shows and The Flash should also be a quick hit. Bright, colorful and fun, it's the daylight to Arrow's dark night.
Jesse Carp 2014-10-07
The Flash: Take A Look At Captain Cold And His Gigantic Weapon image
If thereís one thing the Flash is know for besides his impressive speed, itís his colorful rogues gallery. Despite Batman and Spider-Man being typically thought of as the superheroes with the best villains, The Flashís bad guys have their own sense of uniqueness, and now we have our first live-action look at his most famous foe for the CWís The Flash.
Adam Holmes 2014-10-07
This Time-Traveling Superhero May Be Heading To The Flash image
If thereís one thing weíve learned from the months of interviews and promotions for The Flash, itís that the show has access to a wide variety characters in the DC Comics library. Whether itís the villainous Rogues or fellow superhero Firestorm, there will be plenty of opportunities for the show to include unique and unusual characters from across the DC universe...including one iconic time-traveling glory hog.
Adam Holmes 2014-10-06
Why The 1990s Flash Suit Was A Disgusting And Smelly Disaster image
Thereís a lot of money and time put in to the pieces of clothing that superheroes get to wear, but for the actors that actually have to wear the tight leather or spandex pieces, itís not always fun and games. Hereís what former The Flash actor John Wesley Shipp had to say about his costume from the nineties when compared to the one Grant Gustin has been able to wear when filming The CWís brand new Flash series.
Jessica Rawden 2014-10-02
The Death Of The Saturday Morning Cartoon Is Complete image
The era of the Saturday morning cartoon is officially over. This morning, The CWís Vortexx programming block is airing episodes of Cubix, Sonic X, Dragon Ball Z and Kai, Digimon Fusion, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more for the very last time. Next week, The CW is parting with its animated block, signing on for One Magnificent Morning, a live-action block filled with educational shows for kids.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-27
The Flash Is Getting More Episodes Than We Thought image
The CW has decided to jump the gun with a couple of its most highly anticipated dramas. This week, the network announced it has ordered additional scripts for the upcoming shows The Flash and Jane the Virgin. While a lot of first season shows are picked up for a short episode count, eventually receiving the back nine order, these script pick-ups seem to show The CW feels confident about the programs before they have even aired.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-23
Holy Flash! See How Awful Barry Allen Looks After That Epic Lightning Storm image
We're less than a month from the arrival of The Flash at The CW and the above photo does a good -- albeit dark -- job of reminding us of what's ahead. Barry Allen really doesn't look his best in the image, which shows him laying down while doctors work around him.
Kelly West 2014-09-18
This Original Flash Star Is Joining The CW's Version image
The cool thing about The Flash, alright thereís a lot of cool things about The Flash, but one of them is that the series will feature a multitude of talent, nabbing roles on the drama in the form of leads, guest starring gigs and recurring arcs. On Monday, yet another actress has been added to the cast of The CWís The Flash.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-15
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Trailer Features Mourning And A New Love Interest image
If you are curious about Stefanís love interest or Elenaís heartbreak, you wonít have much longer to wait to catch new episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Unlike a few CW shows that were relegated to a midseason premiere, The Vampire Diaries will hit the schedule on Thursday, October 2 at 8 p.m. ET.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-08
Arrow Adds Another Villain To Season 3 image
Arrow has added another villain to its roster. While we already know who the Season 3 big bad will be, it sounds like there will be week-to-week baddies causing mayhem in Starling City and -- Arrow Season 3 spoiler alert! -- Simon Lacroix is one of them. TRON: Legacy's Matt Ward has been cast to play the role.
Kelly West 2014-08-20
The 100: 14 Things We Learned About Season 2 image
Among the better series to debut this Spring was CW's The 100. The sci-fi drama was featured with a panel at Comic-Con last week, and we had the opportunity to sit with the cast and creator Jason Rothenberg to talk about what's ahead. Everyone was careful to avoid major spoilers, but we were able to get some interesting tidbits about Season 2.
Kelly West 2014-07-30
New Arrow Teaser Gives Us Our First Glimpse Of Season 3's Big Bad image
It was a big night for Warner Bros. Television and DC Comics in Hall H at Comic-Con tonight, and that certainly applies to Arrow, as evidenced by the above preview, which was screened at the Night of DC Entertainment at SDCC...
Kelly West 2014-07-27
Arrow Reveals Roy Harper's Rosy New Look As Arsenal  image
Arsenal is sticking with the red hoodie attire that has worked so well for these guys in the past, although this one looks like itís ready for some wear and tear. Itís no Batsuit, of course, but itís a more hero-worthy outfit than the drab winter hoodie he was wearing before.
Nick Venable 2014-07-23
The 100 Season Finale Ratings Tied With Series Low  image
Let's just say it, The 100 deserves higher ratings than it gets, even for a CW show, where ratings are usually on the lower end of the spectrum. With that said, The 100 is on CW's Fall lineup for Season 2, so there's no sense going on a rant about why enough people aren't watching this show.
Kelly West 2014-06-12
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