The Flash: Check Out Our First Look At Atom Smasher image
When Barry Allen escapes the temporal singularity he jumped into in The Flash Season 1 finale, he wont get to rest for long. Atom Smasher will be the first foe Barry Allen when The Flash Season 2 kicks off, and now we have our first look at the new adversary in the first promo for the sophomore season.
Adam Holmes 2015-08-19
The Only People Who Don't Like The Flash And Arrow Crossovers image
Crossovers allow fan favorites on both shows to interact with one another and more. While most people are down with The Flash and Arrow crossing over, theres one group that decidedly doesnt enjoy it when the two shows share characters or plots.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-19
Grant Gustin Used To Have To Glue The Flash's Mask To His Face image
They can be constricting, smelly and in some cases, skimpy. Despite all of the problems those playing superheroes and heroines may encounter, what Grant Gustin had to do while filming the first nine episodes of The Flash must be among the most uncomfortable weve ever heard of.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-18
Starling City Is Changing Names, Get The Details image
When Oliver Queen returns to Starling City in Arrow Season 4, hell be rocking a new costume and superhero identity. Actually, there will be another change: his home wont be called Starling City anymore.
Adam Holmes 2015-08-18
The Vampire Diaries: Watch Nina Dobrev Give Fans A Heartwarming Goodbye Speech image
To lighten the mood, Nina Dobrev started out her speech with a joke, putting in the false vampire teeth you can buy cheaply at costume stores around Halloween. Its goofy and cheesy, but its the perfect setup for the more heartfelt stuff that comes after.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-18
Will There Be Any More Superhero Shows On The CW? Here's What The Network Head Says image
With Arrow, The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow currently on The CWs programming slate, its a perfectly acceptable assumption that the network would want to build its DC comics library up in the future.
Nick Venable 2015-08-17
Arrow: How Laurel Will Be Different In Season 4 image
Laurel has come a long way since Arrow Season 1, and when the series returns in the fall, fans will see her go through another change when it comes to how she handles her life as Black Canary.
Adam Holmes 2015-08-17
Good News: Bill Nye Is Going To Be On Whose Line Is It Anyway? image
The science educator and former television host wasnt much of a dancer, but he may be a bit better at improv. More specifically, hes about to try his hand at improv on an upcoming episode of the CWs Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-17
Arrow Season 4 Will Bring Back Funny Felicity image
The CWs Arrow owes much of its success to the charisma of geeky computer genius Felicity Smoak and the actress who plays her, Emily Bett Rickards. While consistently strong and capable throughout the shows run, Season 3s overwhelmingly dark tone gave Felicity less opportunities to crack wise now it seems Season 4 will return the former IT support girl to her comedic glory.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-08-16
A Couple Of Fan Favorites Are Returning To The Originals image
The Originals has always been a TV show that is fond of flashbacks, probably because it gives the writers an excuse to get into fun period clothing for a scene or two. This season, however, the drama has plans for a major flashback that will bring back a resurrected vampire and another fan-favorite vampire.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-14
The Flash Is Adding A Justice League Character, Here's What's Happening image
For its upcoming Season 2, The Flash is following up on a casual namedrop over a year after it was heard in a conversation between Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow in the Arrow Season 2 episode The Man Under the Hood. We will soon see the introduction of a Justice League character in Central City.
Adam Holmes 2015-08-13
Is The CW Eyeing Another Vampire Diaries Spinoff? Here's What The Showrunner Says image
With all of the success the franchise has seen, apparently all hope for another spinoff is not yet lost. This week, showrunner Julie Plec spoke out about the possibility for a third series based around the characters from The Vampire Diaries.
Jessica Rawden 2015-08-13
How The Arrow And Flash Crossover Is Setting Up Legends Of Tomorrow image
Just like last season, Arrow and The Flash will be teaming up again together later this fall, but this crossover will have a more important purpose, as it will also help lay the groundwork for Legends of Tomorrow.
Adam Holmes 2015-08-12
Why It Actually Makes Sense To Use Constantine, According To Arrow's Executive Producer image
John Constantine coming to Arrow is undoubtedly exciting for fans of DCs Hellblazer, and one of the showrunners is quick to point out that the characters introduction makes sense story-wise given the mystical elements at play this fall.
Adam Holmes 2015-08-12
Friday The 13th TV Show Is Being Developed At The CW With A Twist image
There are few things more trendy right now than turning classic movies into television shows. We recently wrote an entire list about it, but apparently, we should have waited another month because theres a new addition: Friday The 13th.
Mack Rawden 2015-08-12
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