Pillars Of Eternity Receives Hundreds Of Bug Fixes image
Pillars of Eternity's Patch 1.05 is now available on PC, Mac and Linux. The update makes several hundred changes to the fantasy role-playing game.
Pete Haas 2015-05-10
GOG Galaxy Enters Public Beta image
Good Old Games has evolved big time in the world of digital distribution. The latest efforts from the CD Projekt Red-owned digital storefront includes the highly anticipated and much requested GOG game client. The name of the client? GOG Galaxy.
William Usher 2015-05-06
Yooka-Laylee Is Banjo-Kazooie's Spiritual Successor image
Harkening back to the days when platforming games were king, Yooka-Laylee has arrived to remind gamers what the glory days of the mascot-driven adventure was all about. Itís on Kickstarter, itís already blown past its first handful of goals, and it also happens to be the spiritual successor to an old-school genre great, Banjo-Kazooie.
Ryan Winslett 2015-05-01
Steam Now Lets Developers Ban Players From Games image
Valve has implemented a new feature for Steam: the ability for developers to ban gamers from their games. The new measure puts a lot of the control of user behavior and restrictions solely in the hands of those who run the game.
William Usher 2015-04-30
Steam Removes Paid Mods image
Steam's experiment with selling mods is over. A few days after introducing the feature to Skyrim, Valve has decided to take it down completely.
Pete Haas 2015-04-28
Garry's Mod Developer Defends Steam's Paid Mods image
There are a lot of people who aren't happy about Steam's introduction of paid mods. Garry Newman, the creator of Garry's Mod, doesn't see a problem with the feature, though.
Pete Haas 2015-04-25
Steam Cracks Down On Spammers image
Valve has finally decided to crack down on spammers and scammers who make dummy accounts and attempt to leverage Steam's features for their nefarious ends. How are they cracking down on spammers? By putting a purchase cap on accounts that want to access Steam's full features.
William Usher 2015-04-21
Pillars Of Eternity's Major Inventory Bug Has Been Fixed image
Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment managed to release a big patch for the role-playing game right before the holiday weekend. This update fixes a major headache with the game among many other issues.
Pete Haas 2015-04-04
Pillars Of Eternity Cheats And Achievements Guide image
Old-school role-playing game Pillars of Eternity launched last week on PC, Mac and Linux. If you're having trouble progressing through the game, you might want to consider trying these cheat codes.
Pete Haas 2015-04-01
Son of Nor: I Controlled A Video Game Using My Brainwaves and Eyeballs image
Seven days ago, I thought mind-control technology was a long way off, but then I controlled played a video game using only my brain. Now I wear a tinfoil hat.
Josh Engen 2015-03-31
Dota 2's Rejected Character Designs Are Hilarious image
The Dota 2 development team has created some fantastic looking characters over the years. However, the process of designing a character is long and full of terrible mistakes.
Pete Haas 2015-03-20
Steam Cyberpunk Sale Goes Live image
The Steam Cyberpunk sale has gone live, discounting dozens of games set in a future gone horribly wrong. Want to fight robots? Or be a robot? Or maybe just talk to robots in a city overflowing with neon lights? This collection of games has got you covered.
Ryan Winslett 2015-03-17
Kickstarter RPG Pillars Of Eternity Has Gone Gold, Expansion Pack Already In The Works image
Obsidian Entertainment announced today that their crowd-funded RPG Pillars Of Eternity has gone gold. Now that the base game is finished and ready for launch, they're planning to build an expansion pack for the game.
Pete Haas 2015-03-17
Valve Unveils Steam Link, A Budget-Friendly Streaming Device image
Valve dropped some major news bombs at this year's Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. The company unveiled the brand new Steam Link that works in conjunction with Steam Machines and PCs that enable users to stream content anywhere in the house from connected devices.
William Usher 2015-03-03
Hotline Miami 2 Release Date Confirmed image
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number finally has a confirmed release date and, holy smokes, itís a lot closer than you might think. Youíll probably want to lay down your money nice and early, too, as PC gamers looking to buy on Steam before launch will enjoy a tidy little discount.
Ryan Winslett 2015-02-25
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