Adam Lambert Stirs Up Controversy At the AMAs

By Kelly West 7 years ago discussion comments
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Adam Lambert Stirs Up Controversy At the AMAs image
Adam Lambert has inspired many people to pick up their phones after one of his performances but last night, viewers of the American Music Awards werenít calling in to vote. They were calling to complain. It seems the American Idol runner-upís super-sexy performance stirred up a bit of controversy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC got more than 1,500 calls from people complaining about the performance, which featured Lambert doing some sexually charged moves as he worked his way around the stage. The guy on the leash probably wouldnít have been a big deal but shoving some of the dancersí faces into his crotch is most likely what inspired the complaints. According to the Reporter, Lambert said he wanted to break down the double standard that says itís ok for a woman to be sexually provocative on stage while itís not ok for a man. Ok, I sort of see his point there but was The American Music Awards the place to make that statement? A splash such as the one Lambert made last night mightíve been more fitting for the MTV Video Music Awards, where the sexually-charged performances are not only accepted but often expected. Then again, maybe a bit of the sexy is just what the AMAís need to spice it up a bit.

Below is the video of the performance:

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