Ben Folds To Return To Judge NBC's The Sing Off For Season 2

By Kelly West 6 years ago discussion comments
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Ben Folds To Return To Judge NBC's The Sing Off For Season 2 image
NBC announced the premiere date for Season 2 of The Sing Off. Whatís more, Ben Folds will be returning to judge the competition.

The Sing Off is a singing competition featuring a cappella groups. (That's all voices and no instruments.) It was actually a very entertaining series and part of the credit there goes to Ben Foldsí judging techniques. His constructive criticism was always well thought out and fair. As Ben Folds is among my favorite musical artists, he was the reason I tuned in last year when the series premiered and heís a big part of why Iíll tune in again for Season 2, which premieres on December 6th on NBC. The rest of the reason is that despite my having had a very limited appreciation and understanding of a cappella music prior to watching The Sing Off, I was actually very impressed with the series and with the musicians featured. I canít wait to see the next set of groups.

If youíre a Ben Folds fan, NBC posted an interview with Ben and writer Nick Hornby (About A Boy), who worked together on the recently released album Lonely Avenue.

That video is below and further down is an animated music video thatís strange and sweet and kind of sad all at once.

Animated music video "From Above" from Ben Folds and Nick Hornby.

The Sing Offís second season will premiere on NBC on December 6th.
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