Bryan Greenberg Leaves Berlanti/Malins Pilot At CBS

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Bryan Greenberg Leaves Berlanti/Malins Pilot At CBS image
One of the leads on the Greg Berlanti/Greg Malins pilot at CBS will be re-cast. Bryan Greenberg has left the project over some concerns that he just wasnít going to be right for the role. This means thereís an opening for some lucky actor to slip into a lead role opposite Joanna Garcia Swisher.

Deadline says Greenberg left the project after a table reading just this morning. Apparently his former role in the darker HBO single-camera half-hour How to Make it in America left him without the proper tone for a multi-camera comedy on network television. Or at least thatís the best reason given for this departure from the project so suddenly today. Greenberg was set to play Nick, a notorious womanizer who belatedly realizes that his best friend of many years, Wendy (played by Joanna Garcia Swisher) is the woman of his dreams Ė the ďoneĒ. Sadly, things are complex Ė sheís engaged to another guy, owns a business with Nick, and they have already tried dating with unfortunate results.

Greenberg had two pilots looking for his presence this season, and apparently made the wrong call. Iím not sure which project he turned down, but Iím sure it has long since cast with someone else. But an in-demand actor is sure to land on his feet feline-style, and Iím sure he will find himself a new home. Meanwhile, the CBS project will be on the hunt for a new lead for the untitled project that is referred to (jokingly?) as Oh F**k, Itís You. Perhaps showrunners had the opposite realization this morning. Bryan, itís not you after all.
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