Californication Season 7 Trailer Teases Drama And Depravity

By Kelly West 2 years ago discussion comments
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Hot on the heels of the premieres of some of their other comedies, Showtime has released a trailer for Californicationís seventh and final season, to remind fans that Hank Moodyís return isnít so far away. Let the drama and depravity ensue!

Both drama and depravity are teased in the above trailer, though itís worth noting that Showtime doesnít actually mention April in the trailer, only that itís ďcoming soon." Hopefully theyíre still aiming to get the series back up and running in the spring, especially considering the series has aired in January the past few seasons. April is already a delay by a few months.

On the brighter side, it looks like little has changed in Hankís (David Duchovny) life, though it also seems like Karen (Natascha McElhone) has a something to reveal to Hank, and he looks kind of shocked. When the sixth season wrapped up, it was looking like Hank was ready to ride off into the rock ín roll sunset with rocker groupie Faith (Maggie Grace). But he decided at the last minute ó or past the last minute, technically, since heíd already left by that point ó to return to Karen. The series left off with him knocking on her door. Will she let him in? Or does whatever she have to show him change the game?

On one hand, itís Californication, so itís pretty much impossible to predict how things are going to pick up or where on earth theyíre going to go. But itís the last season, so I like to think in the end, the road will lead back to Karen. Regardless of whether or not she and Hank get married, I think the best possible conclusion is to leave off with them together and maybe some indication that Hank, at long last, is ready to settle down with the love of his life. Weíll have to wait and see how things go. I'm also excited to see what's going on with the Runkles, as they're always an amazing source of laughter and drama in the series. Hopefully that wait is only until April.

In the meantime, Showtime debuted the premieres of Shameless, House of Lies and Episodes last night. If you missed them, check out them out in their (edited) entirety below:

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