Californication Spinoff Series In The Works?

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Californication Spinoff Series In The Works? image
Itís kind of difficult to get excited over a possible spinoff series for a TV character we havenít met yet, but the recent news about what may be ahead for Californication does sound interesting, especially as itís female-focused.

Showtimeís comedy series Californication already features a few notable female characters, but the primary focus of the series is on the life of Hank Moody, a writer, boyfriend (sometimes) and father trying to keep his career afloat and often ending up in bed with some age-inappropriate woman or another. His wife Karen, their daughter Becca, and Hankís friend Charlieís ex-wife Marcy are the three primary female characters in the series. But from what EW is reporting, it sounds like writer/executive producer Tom Kapinos is looking to introduce a new woman into the mix, who will not only play a prominent role in the seriesí sixth season, but may also be poised to get her own spinoff series.

Her name is Faith, sheís in her mid-to-late 20ís, and sheís described as ďwhat happens when an innocent young Catholic school girl is exposed to the evils of rock and roll and falls heads over heels in love with the music and the men who make it.Ē The site elaborates on that by saying that sheís something of a muse to certain elite artists. She likes sex, drugs and rock & roll, but is also religious. Sheíll appear in nine episodes next season, which is set to air in 2013.

As EW notes, itís too early for any assurance that a Faith-based spinoff will happen. Not only will they need to find the right woman for the part, but theyíll probably want to make sure that people like her well enough to watch her in her own series.

It sounds like a fun concept though, and while I think Californication has kind of peaked at this point, a spinoff that takes some of the spirit of the show and mixes it with a new premise and a brand new character sounds like something worth pursuing. Seems like thatís a ways off at this point, but itíll be interesting to see who is cast for the role of Faith between now and next season.
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