John Oliver's HBO Series Gets A Title And A Premiere Date

By Alicia Lutes 2 years ago discussion comments
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John Oliver's HBO Series Gets A Title And A Premiere Date image
John Oliver, former correspondent on Comedy Centralís The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, finally has a premiere date and title for his upcoming satirical news show on HBO. And on Sunday, April 27th weíll all be invited to check out Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for the first time.

Oliverís series falls directly in the funny Britís wheelhouse, tackling the weekís news and events with a satirical edge ó similar to his myriad bits on the aforementioned Daily Show, which he left back in December. The half hour series will dish on the latest doings in news, politics, and other current events at 11PM each week.

All of this comes on the heels of Oliverís stint as guest host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this past summer when Stewart was overseas filming a movie. Oliverís time on the show proved he was ready for the spotlight, garnering critical and fan-bolstered rave reviews with ratings to match. So it was far from a surprise when, back in November, it was announced that the Itís-Not-TV network was giving him his own platform.

And Oliverís exit for the HBO series wasnít the only poaching that came from The Daily Show: he also took the Comedy Central seriesí head writer, Tim Carvell, with him as showrunner and executive producer. In his nearly 10-year long run on the series, Carvell nabbed no less than six Emmy Awards for his writing. So, you know, no pressure or anything! It, all in all, spells good things for the impending series, and weíd be lying if we didnít say we were super excited.

In case you needed any more convincing on the matter, weíve included some of our favorite John Oliver-as-host moments, in video form, below.

And just because weíre sentimentalists, a look back at Oliverís time on the series:

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