The Killing's Season 3 Might Be Happening With Netflix

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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The Killing's Season 3 Might Be Happening With Netflix image
If you were a fan of AMCís The Killing and have been keeping tabs on the rumor mill, you probably already knew there was a chance the show might get rebooted, albeit at a different network or in a different format. At the time we didnít know exactly what that might mean for the series, but now Netflix is officially working on a deal with AMC to keep the show alive for a third season on the streaming service.

Over the summer, AMC cancelled The Killing, but within a few weeks, rumors abounded that the drama might get resurrected, mostly likely via Netflix or DirecTV. Apparently, talks were a little tough between the network and the service for a period of time, but now Deadline is reporting a deal is in the works. This doesnít mean the series has a 100% chance of returning, but things are looking a whole lot better for the show for the first time since it was cancelled.

Though ratings fell from Season 1 to Season 2 of AMCís drama, the possibility of another season of The Killing was likely prompted by a strong Season 3 pitch from executive producer Veena Sud. Itís hard to tell if the plot will work with her pitch, since some of the people involved with The Killing might not return even if the show does. However, with a strong pitch and some extra time to work on writing a new season, those who have complaints about the direction Season 2 took will hopefully be able to breathe a little easier if the series movies forward on Netflix.

Would you be excited to see The Killing return?
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