Lara Spencer Leaving The Insider For Good Morning America

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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Lara Spencer Leaving The Insider For Good Morning America image
The fallout from the Nancy OíDell / Lara Spencer disaster may not have come as quickly as anyone suspected, but the hammer has nonetheless dropped. Lara Spencer will leave her post as Insider host at CBS and join Good Morning America as the lifestyle anchor. It all started late last year when Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart announced she was leaving. Lara Spencer, much like David Letterman with the Tonight Show, was widely considered her clear replacement, even moving to Hollywood in order to prepare. Then CBS changed mindsets on a dime, hired Nancy OíDell and Spencer was left confused and pissed off.

According to THR, Spencerís new gig with Good Morning America will begin in May, while a search is currently underway for her replacement over at The Insider. Something tells me CBS has seen this coming for awhile and likely already had feelers all out many of the possible applicants.

Itís unclear how effective Lara Spencer may be on the Good Morning America format, but you canít really expect someone to stay put after feeling unwelcome.
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